Two names, what do you want to stay

Two names, what do you want to stay

It’s the scudetto Naples to Osimin And Kfaratskhelia, but it is also the scudetto for Luciano Spalletti, who won the scudetto for the first time in his career after coming close several times with Roma. A pace on the field that lasted for 33 years, before the Azzurri returned the tricolor to their shirts after a draw in Udine. Only for Spalletti, on Sunday, there was a louder ovation than Maradona. Last to arrive on the bright stage set on the sidelines with the cinematographic direction of Aurelio De Laurentiis: Master of Ceremonies for the Long Voregrotta Evening. The Tuscan coach has been thrown in the area by his players three times and then highlighted his extraordinary ability to tell stories.

Spalletti dreams of the Champions League, a message to the club
“Napoli is really a city of miracles, they managed to make me win a championship as well.” Meanwhile, De Laurentiis has already made his move, exercising the unilateral clause in favor of the club by sending Pec to secure Spalletti’s seat until 2024. In fact, Napoli want to open a tournament after winning the scudetto and try the main way is the way of continuity. The president even raised the bar in a very ambitious way, making an announcement to the Maradona fans in light of the upcoming season. “I wanted to give you the Champions League and I’m sorry I didn’t make it, but we’ll try again in a year.” Words that motivate at the same time and put pressure on the coach to the point of asking for guarantees.

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Sunday thaw, now we need to think about renewal
“They had that option to renew my contract and they exercised it, and I thank them for letting me know. But we obviously now have plenty of time to talk about it,” replied Spalletti, who did not name De Laurentiis and expected his boss to call him into a meeting. And again: “It’s the dynamics. Natural and obviously I wonder if next year I will be able to do better than this, I think others will have to wonder too”. The creators of the Scudetto stood in front of Maradona’s statue with Cholo (Simeone, arriving to applaud his son Giovanni), then on the sidelines at the party and finally at the gala dinner in the stadium. Spalletti’s terms will be clear: no weight loss keeps Osimhen and Kafra.

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