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rome \ aise \ – The United Nations General Assembly declared 2022 International Year of GlassIt includes more than a thousand institutions, museums, and scientific and industrial associations. To highlight the importance of this material in our lives, which has unique properties that make it indispensable in many applications, from natural and artificial lighting to optics, and from food to space research, the new issue ofscience calendarmagazineCenter press office Online from today on
From a technological point of view, at The Focus, Luca Luzzi of the Institute of Nanotechnology recalls the properties of the rotating glass discovered by Nobel Prize winner Giorgio Baresi, used to build optical computers, while Francesco de Capito From the Institute of Materials Workshop talks about electronic devices equipped with permanent memory thanks to certain glass materials. Other clarifications come from Roberta Angelini From the Institute for Complex Systems, which explains how glass transforms over time and from Sergio Yarosi and Fabio Lo Castro From the Institute of Marine Engineering, which explains why high-pitched sound can shatter glass.
On the architectural historical level, Donata Magrini, Emma Cantisani, Silvia Vittori and Massimo Caltararo From the Institute of Cultural Heritage Sciences talks about the stained glass windows that decorate Gothic cathedrals. In the face to face An interview with architect Massimiliano Fuxas who used, among other things, fiberglass for works such as the Zenith Concert Hall in Strasbourg and the Cloud of Eur.
It ends with figurative meanings. Francesco Tonucci From the Institute of Cognitive Science and Technology stresses the importance of not keeping children under a “glass bell”, Fabio Marcelli The Director of the Institute of International Legal Studies examines the role played by the “glass palace”, that is, the United Nations, in Giulio Salerno Director of the Institute for Studies on Federal Regional Systems and Autonomy, it deals with the transparency of public administration. topic back to Reviews With the volume “When Doctors Make Wrong” (Laterza) by Giuseppe Rimusi.
in Other research Finally, the Italian Glass Weeks event has been called. (aise)

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