What if co-creation served science…and earned you rewards? for your ideas!

We have 63% in France, with a growth rate of 20% per year … Connected things have invaded our daily lives, our illusions and sometimes our fears. What role can co-innovation play in designing them in the best possible way and answering questions of security or sustainable development? This is the central point of the investigation jointly conducted by Futura and EDF Pulse & You.

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[EN VIDÉO] The ethics of the Internet of things raises questions
The prevalence of the Internet of Things is increasing in our daily lives. Connected things make life easier for us in the medical and home settings… but they transmit a huge amount of data and raise ethical questions.

co-innovation, or intelligence Collectively, they are experiencing an increasingly important flourishing of organizations. Certainly because it has brought together a community of end users or actors in it environmental system New solutions often appear thanks to everyone’s experience. On key issues such as connected objects, can collective intelligence have the effect of making them more socially and ecologically virtuous?

Referendum So it was designed in collaboration with Impulse EDF and you A better understanding of how collaborative science and the exchange of ideas can advance entrepreneurship and innovation. How do you think co-innovation can or should be involved? How can i do? Your answers will fuel Futura’s first paper review to understand the world in turmoil… The most relevant ideas will be published and gifts will be given to the big winners! Among the equipment there is an iPhone 13 or a telescope !

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10000 Pulsar, Campaign 100, Idea 60mila

Co-creation is the everyday life of EDF Pulse & You and its community. For 5 years nowSpringers share their thoughts and interact with suggestions from EDF and other participants to imagine products and Tomorrow’s Services. EDF project managers, startups, individuals and every member of the community can share their experiences and thoughts on topics related to the comfort of home, active shift And electrical and thus see his projects come true. Since its launch, EDF Pulse & You has collected over 10,000 to throb Launched throughout France more than 100 campaigns and more than 60,000 Ideas Comments have already been shared on the platform.

co-management of innovation

An enthusiastic and productive dynamic that Futura wanted to unite in her desire to make science and these issues accessible to all. ” In light of these qualities, the connection to motives seems obvious to us.Gaël Le Boulch, Head of Open Innovation for EDF Individual Clients explains. We are convinced of the interest co-innovation. But… what if we could help science, too? This is the big problem, this ambition that we hope to share today with this campaign. Futura seems to us the ideal partner to drive and enhance results. Your keyboards too! Your first ideas are great! As usual, let’s go! » Whether you are an expert, casual or a beginner, your opinion matters!

The more you participate, the higher your chance to win or watch an iPhone 13 stars With a telescope!

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