“Science Away” by Giuseppe Pino Bosti

“Science Away” by Giuseppe Pino Bosti

exhibition success witch paintingdedicated to Joseph ‘Pine tree’ groves In the Municipal Museums in months Dec 2006 and January 2007, he didn’t change his mind at all.
As far as he is concerned, in fact, about whether or not to sell his paintings, everything remains as before. Even if in the meantime, those who, even paying handsomely, dream of returning home, at least one of them has grown up.”Works‘monsterAboulafuri What to say, instead, all or almost all, destined to be kept only within the walls of the house only.

On that front, the impression is that fans should be satisfied with what they like about the show because, Pino Bushti63, a retired municipal employee, didn’t stop for a moment to believe it’creative work” He (first of all)”A question to decide with himselfTo make better use of themes, men and stories. Lots of stories. out all Pity consumer.

Pine tree groves He is very attached to his home environment. Where to find his wife (every day) Dolores and granddaughter Matilda She is always happy to throw her arms around him.

grovesAt home, he also prepared his own area “Operator”located in the sloping romantic attic on the top floor of the huge family building, in front of university.

Usually, upon entering Operatorto welcome you one ‘sovereign’ creative confusion. not here. over here ‘What is this’ They are many, used and arranged by a subtle hand but always ready to put them back (every time) in order. leave free space for the stand only where the plates rest, small and large as they are; and cupboards where the necessary tools are dealt with”to give a trip” To inspire the inexhaustible artist.

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groves He always argues smart and friendly out of his way “Do you paint?”traditional because it depends on shape-design-light-colorfor many decades emigrated who knows where.

In fact, he has never succumbed to the temptation of art or informal or abstract experiences, setting aAn imaginative pictorial that becomes an entertaining everyday anecdote.”persuasive and harsh “conquered”.

Today, he does not suffer at all from comparison with modern art forms. In which he summarizes: “From the facts of our time – he says – I try to understand what is possible. Study all the implication. Good or bad. Focus on the essence of reality.

One eye on the past and the other on the present. I find it unbelievable to express the shapes, sounds, and colors that surround me with some geometric shape or bucket of colour.

Moreover, as far as I am concerned, whether they are symbolic, informal, or abstract, I do not think it necessary to turn ourselves into political, religious, ideological, or artistic pulpits from which we proceed in the Pope.

It is enough for me to understand the stories within the others. Fruit every time the complexity of reality. Not to neglect those feelings that bind generations. In changing contexts where nature and the urban environment become complicit. Separate biographical references.

Someone stopped groves to me naive Germans and Slavs. Others to Flemish Brughel Old.

Still others are for American realists. Providing him with several parents, depending on the circumstances, with the evidence presented gradually, but with a game of labels, everything is fine.

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While, (unfazed) continues to ‘for fishing“With both hands in crowds and torrents”The theater of life that crowds around it every day.

At the moment, in fact, eleven canvases have been prepared and are yet to be completed. with ‘Procedure’ very old. When he’s sure he’s got it rightDate‘He begins by examining them, drawing dozens ofbegs‘, then transferred the chosen ones onto the canvas, where the background of optimistic colors is always ready to welcome them.

Then “He is drowning” inside his own ribos,amusing himself K “little boy”adding, moving, filtering or deleting, up to the final draft of ‘Field’Accessible by board size even after months of work.

worry about groves towards the artists of the past, is their inability to attend the masters’ workshops as they did. Those who, even in Romania, as well as for SantarcangeloThey have refined the beauty of life through art.

He rose in solitude. him, that his luggage should be built with difficulty. He who developedSciences Away’Very personal, and highly rewarding.

grovesno was said sell His paintings are, over anyone, a favorite protect them On the walls of the house, where you can stop and look at them when and as you see fit, in peace. Trying to convince him otherwise is pointless. He can’t hear us from that ear.

Meanwhile the bells university that announces dusk suddenly crossing”studyWhere the titled plate is already on the easel painter and model.

Before suspending the session, the painter questions some details about the hero, casually lying on a multi-colored sofa.

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Bring some modifications. With the addition of unbreakable pro-memory references. ThenGame’ Stop.

genuinely. Everything is postponed to another session, how and for what time is not known. will be fraternal Meditation to remind him.

At this point, however, the lamp ‘study’ It can come out, not suddenly, little by little, like the sound of bells thatThey say, whisper, whisper’ on me “Be in the evening.”

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