Do you wear a tie daily? Be careful, it can be dangerous

Do you wear a tie daily?  Be careful, it can be dangerous

In many professions, wearing a tie is still almost mandatory on a daily basis. Unwritten rule. A symbol of elegance. Directors, bankers, members of government, insurance companies, etc. Badge can be dangerous For some people.

We will analyze several reasons why it poses a risk to our health. But before that it should be clear that If you feel symptoms similar to dizziness or headacheThe first step should be to take off your tie. It is a warning from the body.

On the one hand, its texture and location cause a tie Many bacteria or viruses accumulate. After experiencing the pandemic and using masks for several months, we have begun to realize the importance of prevention.

On the other hand, researchers have come to the conclusion that wearing a tight tie all day can lead to this Reducing the amount of blood flow to the brain Although it is generally not a problem, it may be suitable for people with cardiovascular disease.

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