Liceo and Carchidio-Strocchi at the Prague Science Festival – Chronicle

Liceo and Carchidio-Strocchi at the Prague Science Festival – Chronicle

Three projects from Faenza Schools are among those selected for “Science on Stage in Europe”, the science festival that ends today in Prague. Among the projects, two see Torricelli-Ballardini High School students as heroes, while the third is Carchidio-Strocchi’s overall work. In the latter case, teachers Valentina Fazio and Fabiana Dalmonte were interested in the concept of the “Sustainable Life Game”, designed to communicate the goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, available on the deck platform. . On the other hand, the projects sponsored by Torricelli High School are dedicated to music and dance: students led by Professor Stefano Alberge began studying choreography in relation to the mathematical relationships between movements. Instead, the students of the class followed by Federico Palante set out on the movements thanks to which they reproduce mathematical functions as in the three-dimensional Cartesian table. The students will be accompanied to Prague by Education Consultant Martina Laghi, Scientific Gymnasium President Bruno Casadio and National Coordinator of “Science on Stage” Giovanni Pizzi.

At the same time, the 22nd edition of the Science and Technology Culture Week 2022 kicks off in the premises of the Gymnasium: a series of events, divided between the months of March and April, May and June, consisting of exhibitions – one dedicated to mathematics in history entitled “The Right to Count” and one For Auto Herbs – Conferences, Workshops, Guided Tours. Among the lectures worth mentioning is the Alessandro Venturini Lecture on Nuclear Fusion (May 13 at 9 pm, in the Science Gymnasium), the lecture focused on explorations of Martian soil, conducted by Perdomenico Mimio (on April 14 at the headquarters of the Astrofili Group, in The path of Zauli Naldi 2), and instead rebelled against the “you see closely” universe, led by Edvige Pezzulli Stepniewska. The guided tour calendar includes those to the Raffaele Bendandi House Museum, to the fixtures in the playroom by the Science Gymnasium, and to the Malmerendi Museum of Natural Sciences.

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