Elenoire Casalegno rushed to the hospital: a tragic situation

Elenoire Casalegno rushed to the hospital: a tragic situation

Elenoire Casalegno, a beautiful showgirl and prominent Italian television personality, narrates a very traumatic episode in which she was involved. The woman was taken to the hospital and was urgently taken to the hospital. The event was shocking. Let’s see what happened.

For many years now on top of the wave Elenoire Casalegno Within a variety of panorama for viewing The Italian managed to juggle different roles: from model and actress to being a presenter. So far the woman is a well-known and appreciated figure, Fixed price for TV since childhood.

In fact, the career started early but there Casalegno immediately appeared in the pages of rumors thanks to her relationship with Vittorio Sgarbi. The two had a fairly brief flirtation considering that too There is an age difference of nearly twenty years between Elenoire and Vittorio.

After taking her first steps as a model, Casalegno arrives on TV and supports illustrious characters on the small screen like Raimundo Vianello, Massimo Lopez and Lilo Arena. He is best known for running one of the cult programs for Italian television, Festival Bar, which took place in 1996.

However, Elenoire Casalegno is also known for her private life. Beyond the little contact with my little ones, Eleanor has had a long and significant relationship with DJ Ringo with whom in 1999 she gave birth to a daughter, Swami.

About the birth of her daughter, she told Illinois something very powerful. Now he’s fine but A woman entered Hell when her daughter came into the world.

The story of Casalegno

Elenoire Casalegno from her partner DJ Ringo Swami now had a great Ventretrin. The two separated for a while but announced that they are very close and specifically friends by virtue A beautiful daughter who will bond them forever.

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Illinois, in connection with the moment of birth, spoke of a very traumatic experience, When his life and that of the little girl seemed to be in danger. The woman was forced to hurry to the hospital where the doctors made a really tough decision.

As reported by ZON.it Elenoire She was taken to the hospital in the eighth month and panicked as she thought of losing her daughter forever. Here are his words:I woke up one morning thinking something was wrong, I went to do the monitoring and the heartbeat was not there. “The baby must be born within twenty minutes or she will die,” said the doctor: “There were two ribs around her neck and one on her shoulder.”

still: “I did not have time to understand, they took me to the operating room for a caesarean section. The next morning they gave it to me, I looked at it and thought how to do it Such a perfect human.”

A really powerful story but fortunately very far in time. Illinois had a Swami when he was a young man of twenty-three years old; but after, This experience definitely prepared her for any other possibility. The two hours, both, adult and happy, form one Really cool couple!

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