“Bombing a depleted uranium ammunition depot”

“Bombing a depleted uranium ammunition depot”

Moscow: bombing of depleted uranium ammunition depots

Last night, the Russian Armed Forces carried out a series of missile and drone attacks on “depots of depleted uranium ammunition and Storm Shadow cruise missiles” in Ukraine. This was stated by the Minister of Defense of Moscow, citing Russian agencies. The ministry added that the attacks were also carried out on centers for “radio reconnaissance and training of saboteur groups.” But it did not provide any details about the whereabouts of these targets.

Kiev: Breaking the Russian defensive line towards Bakhmut

“Thanks to the success of our forces, the enemy’s defensive line was broken” in the direction of Bakhmut. The Russians “tried to close it by throwing all available reserves into battle.” This was stated by the Commander of the Ukrainian Ground Forces, Alexander Sersky, according to the Military Media Center of the Telegram channel, adding that the Russian Armed Forces lost some of the best units in the battles in that region, but the situation on the Eastern Front and the battles remain difficult and fierce. According to the commander, “Moscow does not abandon attempts to regain the lost positions” towards Kubyansk and Liman.

Erdogan: There will be no losers in the peace process

There will be no losers in the peace process Ukraine. This is what Turkish President Recep Tayyip said Erdogan Speaking at a dinner held by the Turkish American National Steering Committee in New York. “We have achieved many diplomatic successes. Erdogan said, according to what was stated on the website of the Turkish President’s Office: “We continue to make multiple efforts with our conviction that there are no winners in war and no losers in peace.” The Turkish President also stressed Ankara’s growing mediation role in resolving regional and global crises, preferring to resume negotiations between Moscow and Kiev in the Istanbul format. Erdogan added that he is ready to make his country available as a platform for negotiations between the presidents of Russia and Ukraine.

Kiev: Contact between Russia and Crimea cut off before winter

The Ukrainian army may cut the land corridor linking Russia to Crimea before winter. This was supported by the head of intelligence of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. Kirilo Budanov, in an interview with The Economist magazine, republished by Ukrinform. According to Budanov – the British weekly newspaper writes – the first line of defense in the southern direction in Zaporizhia has already been violated in some places, which means that the process of cutting off land communications between Russia and Crimea could be completed before the arrival of winter. , He said. Kiev’s intelligence chief also claims that Moscow has already deployed reserves that should have come into effect no later than October. “Contrary to what the Russian Federation claims, it does not have any strategic reserves at all,” he said.

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Kiev: An unprecedented number of Russian planes tonight

Russia deployed an unprecedented number of aircraft in a night attack on Ukraine. This was stated by Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Yuriy Ignat, Ukrinska Pravda newspaper reported. “There were an unprecedented number of planes: dozens of planes. They were an unusual presence in the airspace at night. “These were drones and tactical aircraft.”

Rumors about Kadyrov affect Putin’s stability

«Concerns for the health of the President of the Chechen Republic, Ramazan Kadyrov In the Russian media space, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s dependence on Kadyrov for stability in Chechnya is highlighted. Written by the American Research Center Isw Commenting on the rumors regarding the health condition of the Chechen leader. Ukraine’s Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR) reportedly confirmed that Kadyrov was in a coma on September 15, sparking rumors of ill health among Russian bloggers and inside sources. Kadyrov denied rumors about his health in a video posted on September 17 Reconstruction From Isw. “Destabilizing Kadyrov’s government in Chechnya would be a serious blow to Putin’s regime, in part because restoring stability in Chechnya through a brutal and bloody war is central to Putin’s initial popularity in Russia,” the think tank wrote back. “Kadyrov and other Russian officials may worry that persistent rumors about his health could affect the long-term stability of his — and thus Putin’s — control of Chechnya.”

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