Blue wins Group A in four consecutive games – OA Sport

Blue wins Group A in four consecutive games – OA Sport

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30-30 backhand Coric’s net straight in response.

15-30 What a defense of sin! Two Koric hits, one for a forehand and one for defending himself from a backhand great in defensive running, but the field is empty after that for Yannick’s forehand!

0-30 Coric the winning background along the line just as the match time comes.

0-15 sixth double foul by Sinner.

1-1 First winner in central Coric.

The point is called a forehand actually on the Sinner line, and the point is returned.

40-30 reverse coric long to out of service and wrong too far.

40-15 exchanges at a good pace which Coric won with a good forehand.

30-15 straight into Coric’s Network.

30-0 first Couric winner.

15-0 sin straight.

1-0 wrongCloses in South Tyrol style with a short straight ball!

40-0 another easy game so far in the service of Sener, after a difficult start.

30-0 Another setback in Couric’s net, free-kick shots increase dramatically.

15-0 long backhand Coric.

6-3 SET SINNER: Again, it’s Coric’s backhand that gives way, it lasts a very long time, and so the first set turns blue after 49 minutes.

Sinner feature, SET POINT: Coric grid backhand.

40-40, fourth tie: Couric’s backhand hit goes out.

Couric’s advantage, Sinner’s long backhand.

40-40, third tie: A great backhand for Sinner! Couric did not check.

Couric’s advantage, right at the intersection of lines he found the out-of-service Croat.

40-40, second valence, straight ends wide from the center of Couric.

Couric’s advantage, he played well from his side in the winning cross kick on the counter-attack.

40-40 Coric ventures into the net and defends it with a high forehand.

30-40 SET POINT SINNER: Direct to Coric network after service.

30-30 Another direct error from Couric.

30-15 This time Couric finds a good straight line to win.

15-15 pushes well with Sinner’s forehand, forcing Coric to foul with the same shot.

15-0 long straight from Sinner who was leading the exchange.

3-5 wrongwith the second ace quietly finished his role in the service!

40-0 along a straight coric.

30-0 seconds outside from Sinner, long straight from Coric.

15-0 is good first for Sinner, who managed to get many points with this.

3-4 break the sin: A forehand by Coric in the face ends at the net, the Croatian loses his serve and takes South Tyrol forward for the first time in the match.

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15-40 Two Foul Balls: Coric follows the serve on the net, but the blue’s response is strong enough to hit the back ball of the Croat.

15-30 is a good chance of sin on the net.

0-30 only long straight from Coric up front.

0-15 great points won by the wrongdoer! The central kick, the short forehand and the recovery of Couric’s low back shot that can no longer be taken!

3-3 Right in the Coric network, Sinner somehow finds parity.

Sinner’s advantage, a good short ball is enough to prevent Coric from turning into something dangerous.

40-40, third tie: Sinner’s first winner, who finds her the most important moment to get out of trouble (for now).

Coric advantage, breaking point: This time the Croatian pushes well with a backhand and manages to get a point.

40-40, second parity: the sinner loses the front hand scale.

Sinner feature, another wide backhand from Coric, trying to find the winner along the streak.

40-40 Sinner’s reaction attack, but on a low forehand shot near the net he failed to send the ball over the bar.

40-30 ace of the first sinner.

30-30 Sinner prevents Coric from moving it with a forehand, and from a backhand the Croat sends the ball for a long time.

Coric’s 15-30 backhand that lasted a second isn’t really strong from Sinner, which, however, wasn’t a reaction.

0-30 double fault fifth sin.

0-15 Sinner loses control of the front hand in the exchange.

2-3 korekadvances toward Coric’s net and closes a backhand after serving.

40-15 forefoot wide false.

30-15 Sener hammers, Couric defends, but he manages in an instant to turn the exchange with a loaded and deep defensive forehand and then unloads the winner with a backhand.

15-15 long exchange, Sinner’s attempt to win with a forehand eventually ends.

0-15 What a cross-reversal of sin! And I think Coric defended really well in a tough confrontation with the Italian who got into the net!

2-2 Couric’s rear acceleration is long.

40-15 Sener pushes straight, Couric fails to organize himself along the line.

30-15 double fault fourth from the fault.

30-0 serve the sinner and straight.

15-0 good before wrong.

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1-2 korekWinning with a backhand kick to continue serving.

40-15 Sinner tries to fend off Coric, but the straight streak he would like to be a winner ends instead.

30-15 Coric’s great short backball to continue serving.

15-15 opposite of the long couric.

15-0 first outside Coric.

1-1 Backhand knocking Coric away, Sinner is saved in a situation where neither of them lights up properly.

Sinner’s advantage, Coric takes the field with a forehand, but the latter from the middle ends in the fairway.

40-40, second tie: Sinner’s no-control straight, long finish.

False advantage, substituted a little longer for a forehand that ends with Couric’s grille.

40-40 Coric backhand into the net, which alone cancels the break ball.

30-40 Coric break ball, Sener’s third double fault. A completely unusual situation.

30-30 seconds double fault than faulty.

30-15 Run away from Couric in a row.

15-15 Sinner’s first double fault.

15-0 good before wrong.

0-1 korekJust a long, straight answer from Sinner.

40-30 Sinner’s straight acceleration stopped on the bar.

30-30 Sener reaches the short ball after Couric’s serve and hits a winning cross.

30-15 Sinner takes the swap with a forehand from the center and wins the point.

30-0 Sinner’s long response with a backhand kick.

15-0 The first direct and comfortable outside shot at Coric’s net.

16:29 After warming up, let’s go!

16:27 Sener won the raffle and chose to receive: In other words, Couric would be the first to serve.

16:25 I started to dodge the warm-up.

16:23 The sinner and Couric have just entered the field.

16:20 At about the same time, Argentine Diego Schwartzman outperformed Russian (playing neutral) Karen Khachanov in three sets: he’s in the scoreboard area of ​​Lorenzo Musseti and above all Canadian Felix Auger-Aliassime.

16:17 The showdown judge is the famous French Aurelie Torte, one of the most famous and highly regarded figures in the Grand Arena.

16:14 Sinner’s debut in red, against a player who is still far from the best and, overall, in the fourth inning since his return to take the field.

16:11 The match between Wawrinka and Bublik ended with Kazakhstan winning 6-2 in the third set. So soon, Jannik Sinner and Borna Coric will be on the court.

15:37 A long second set goes to Bublik for 7-5 (but he could have closed it out at 6-4). Sener Couric is still waiting.

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14:30 Stan Wawrinka, at 28 minutes, finished the first set 6-3 over Alexander Bublik. After the Swiss, the former winner of the tournament, and Kazakh Sener and Koric will take the field.

13:44 Good morning, OA Sport friends. The first match of the program ended with Fabio Fognini winning 7-5, 4-6, 6-3 over Frenchman Arthur Rindernik. Soon the confrontation between Stan Wawrinka and Alexander Bublik will begin, after which the role of Siner Couric will take place.

First dayToday’s program

Good evening to all OA Sport readers, and welcome to the live broadcast of the first round of the Masters 1000 match in Monte Carlo between Jannik Sinner and Croatian Borna Coric. It is played at Rainier III Stadium (Rainier III), the most important complex hosting 1,000 thirds this year.

This is the absolute first taste of South Tyrolean mud, which goes to challenge a player with a very complex past. In fact, last year Coric had to have a shoulder surgery, which saw him lose the rest of 2021. He’s back in Indian Wells and Miami, but we’re clearly a long way from the player who made it to the quarter-finals in 2019.

The number 2 for Italy is the second appearance in the tournament: last year he defeated the Spaniard on the spot Albert Ramos VinolasJust to end his adventure with his presence Novak Djokovic. This time, blue appears on the other side of the board: his path is not easy, but by no means impossible.

The sinner who is in victory will face one of the Finns Emile Rossoforie and Chilean Christian GarenHe faced Croatian players a few times in his career: twice Victor Galovich In the period of sudden growth and a Marin CilicWho defeated him in Cincinnati in a tough confrontation last summer.

The match between Yannick Sener and Borna Coric, which will be broadcast on Sky Sports UNO, will be the third from 11:00 in the afternoon after Fognini-Rinderknech and Wawrinka-Publik. Have fun with OA Sport LIVE LIVE!

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