GdS – Inter, Dybala Concrete Idea: Details. It will be a technical and symbolic hit

The Argentine is annoyed by the retreat from the contract renewal and could leave Juventus at zero: Marotta in an ambush

Crazy idea, but it’s not that crazy after all. Paulo Dybala all’Inter. the news from Gazzetta dello sportWhich determines the possible future of the Nerazzurri for the Argentine striker, increasingly far from renewing with Juventus. according to rosaryThe idea of ​​Italian heroes is much more than a simple disruptive maneuver: it is a concrete idea. with arrival jewel In Milan, it will not only be a technical blow, but also a symbolic one. Dybala profile is very popular in Nerazzurri and Baby MarottaAs is known, he is one of his biggest fans.

After agreeing to renew the 8 million annually for a period of five years which appeared to have taken place in October, the sudden cessation of the club greatly angered the former Palermo striker. Since then the speech has stopped. “Inter knows everything, Marotta is fully aware of the situation, he knows every move around the Argentine – he explains magazine -. And so the Nerazzurri director also knows that until the end of this month, he gave the number 10 Juventus priority. She doesn’t want to talk to other companies, and yes I already got more than a few phone calls Jorge AntonArgentine manager. Yet, on the other hand, Paolo cannot explain the reflection of his directors, the same directors with whom he made a real agreement, and who are now eager to discuss terms, both in terms of duration and extent of involvement.”

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So Inter wait and watch cunningly: at the right numbers, Dybala will be great. “The courtship has begun, there are those who whisper that there is already an approach – reports rosary -. Premature but not too much, because the accounts in the Viale della Liberazione know how to do it well. Translation: If Dybala’s new contract is not much different from the current contract with Juventus, then Inter will be there. And the Argentine himself – we must swear – is aware of this. In June, the Nerazzurri’s salary will certainly be lighter than the current one, if it is true that two big names are about to expire. Vidal e neighbor: A total of about 16 million gross annually on Inter vaults. And enough 16 million to plan the attack on Dybala.”

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