Match of the day live now

Match of the day live now


27 ‘- a very tactical game

High rhythms and an open challenge between Lazio and Juventus. Very tactical match, both teams take little risks in defense.


29′ – What an opportunity for the immobile

Felipe Anderson’s ball Stillwho flies at a small angle, kicks with his right foot and finds a good answer from Szczesny.


22 ‘ – sparks on the field

Vlahović made a mistake Felipe AndersonThe referee does not blow his whistle. The Brazilian stays in place and Juventus continues to play. Once the ball is recovered by the biancocelesti, the spirits light up. Everything returns to calm after a few seconds.


18′ – Vlahović problem

Vlahovich comes down to the precinct, who exchanges legs with Cataldi. He’s experiencing the worst, but he’s ready to come back after treatment.

8:58 PM

13′ – What an opportunity for Lazio

The ball is retrieved by Luis Alberto who serves Milinkovic in the area: the sergeant is unable to take the kick into the goal, Primer saves everything.


10′ – Lazio try again

Another free kick taken ZakaniThe ball is in the area to clear Milinkovic. The high ball, Sarri despaired, it was an excellent opportunity for the biancoceleste. Shortly after the corner Milinkovic headed again: high.


8′ – Juventus also rings

Cross pass by Rabiot from the left lane, and inside the ball for Vlahović: header that ends very high.


5 ‘- First shot by Lazio

Protracted action from Lazio, then Louis Alberto Look for the shot from the outside: a good shot, strong enough, that blocks Chesney without too many problems.

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8:49 p.m

2′ – Lazio, direct striker

The free kick was taken by Al-Zakani. The ball in, Felipe Anderson stopped for a corner. Two corner shots are not enough. We need the third goal, to free up the Juventus defence.

8.45 p.m

1′ – Lazio-Juventus, let’s go!

Lazio Juventus started. Classic biancoceleste boys saree suit, guests dressed in all black. First ball, Lazio. Referee De Bello.


Lazio, trophies before the start

awarded Maurice Surrey From Serie A as the best coach of the month for March. Soon after, it was his turn Milinkovitch, the best foreign scorer in the history of the Biancocelesti. And again: a special award for Danilo Cataldi Who played 200 games for Lazio.

8:30 p.m

Juventus travels fast

Juventus is the team with the most points in Serie A since February (21, as a result of seven wins and one defeat in eight league matches); Lazio in this part is third with 17, behind Napoli (18).

8:25 p.m

Lazio, Immobile back

The Lazio forward regains his starting position in attacking position. Of the 21 teams he has faced at least three times at home in Serie A, it is Juventus against whom Ciro Immobile has the worst inside goal rate: just one goal per 561 minutes played (Only one goal in seven home matches against the whites and blacksin September 2012 with the Genoa shirt).


Juventus vs Lazio numbers

Juventus have won both matches of the season against Lazio (3-0 in the league, 1-0 in the Coppa Italia) and the Bianquilesti have been unbeaten at least three times in the same year since 2016-17. Always with Allegri on the bench (in this case without conceding any goals).

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8:10 p.m

Hot Olympic

more than t20,000 tickets sold add up to approximately 23,000 season ticket holders for Lazio (net of Cucciolone season tickets, not valid for big matches). It is an Olympic stadium with a capacity of 54,000 fans, maybe something more. There will be eight to nine thousand Juventus fans. It will also be shown in the stands.


Marusik’s words

in the pre-game phase, Adam MarosekThey spoke to the microphones of the Lazio Style channel: “The points to be grabbed this evening are also very important given the other results. We have to stay on top until the end even if there are many games to go. We faced Juventus twice and lost both times. We solved the two challenges well, and we have to be attentive and focused throughout the game. Hope I get a win. I’m very proud of my numbers with Lazio. My first match was against Juventus in the Italian Super Cup, and now I have to keep working and improving. Let’s move forward together.”

7.45 p.m

Lazio Juventus Official Lineups

Lazio (4-3-3) – proof. Marusic, Casale, Romagnoli, Hysaj: Milinkovic, Cataldi, Luis Alberto; Felipe Anderson, Thabit, Zakani. everyone.

Yov (3-5-2) – szczesny; Gatti, Bremmer, Alex Sandro; Cuadrado, Fagioli, Locatelli, Rabiot, Kostec; DeMaria, Vlahović. Allegri Flocks (Landucci on the bench).


Lazio powerhouse

Lazio boast the best defense in the league: just 19 goals conceded, 17 clean sheets in 28 league days, and six in a row for a total of 565 unbeaten minutes. Hojlund, the side of Atalanta, was the last to defeat Provedel in Serie A. It was February 11th. Juventus test tonight.

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Lazio with Juventus to fly

Three points to fly higher. Three points for definitively participating in the Champions League fight despite the penalty. Lazio it’s all here. A big match at the Olimpico with a very important flavour. Two trusted teams are ready to battle on the field. Inter Milan and Milan should be exploited.

Rome – Olympic Stadium

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