Salman Rushdie lost one of his eyes and used his hand

Salman Rushdie lost one of his eyes and used his hand

He continued, “He had three serious injuries to his neck. One of his hands was paralyzed due to a severed nerve in his arm. He has about 15 other injuries to his chest and torso. It was a brutal attack.” The agent declined to say whether the writer is still in the hospital, stating that the most important thing is that he will live.

Assaulted on stage – 75-year-old Rushdie, who received death threats from Iran in the 1980s after Khomeini’s fatwa for his book The Satanic Verses, was assaulted while on stage giving a speech on artistic freedom at the Chautauqua Foundation on August 12. aggressor Hadi Matar He got into mixing with the audience, then took the stage, stabbed and injured Rushdie several times.

Striker, 24 years old, He always pleaded his innocence and claimed that he tried to kill the writer Rushdie because of his attacks on Islam.

Willy then stated that it was impossible to prevent such gestures. “I think the attack – he said – was probably something that Salman and I had discussed in the past, i.e. the main danger he was exposed to for many years after the fatwa was that a random person would come out of nowhere and attack him: you cannot protect yourself from such a thing because it is so unexpected and illogical Absolutely. It’s like the John Lennon killer.”

The agent also raised the alarm about the world’s growing extremism: “I think nationalism, a kind of fundamentalist right, is on the rise, from Italy to Europe and Latin America and the USA, where half the country seems to think Joe Biden stole the election from Donald Trump, And he admires this man who is not only utterly incompetent, a liar and a fraud, but also a farce.” A country where Maus, the graphic novel about the Holocaust by Art Spiegelman, one of its authors, has been banned in many schools, despite being considered a world classic. right Now “.

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