Felipe VI sent a zarzuela crew to Barcelona to discover Letizia's lover

Felipe VI sent a zarzuela crew to Barcelona to discover Letizia's lover

Felipe I cheerful They don't have a good time. The marriage could be at an end, according to Pilar Aire. The journalist confirms that the couple will be broken up and will announce their divorce at the end of 2024, whatever the cost. In 2013 they already experienced their major crisis. All the media had prepared the news about a possible divorce, which in the end did not happen, although there are many who believe that they no longer live together, they only keep the forms in the institutional acts. In Zarzuela They sleep in separate rooms. They don't even talk.

Jaime del Burgo He broke the stability of the marriage It damaged the image of the Spanish monarchy. According to the lawyer, the Queen had been unfaithful to Philip and him for several years. This would be the real cause of the crisis that occurred in 2013, not the Nos case or the crimes of Juan Carlos. Ex Thelma Ortiz is back in the media spotlight after 10 years of silence. After testifying to Jaime Peñafiel in his latest book, Jaime wanted to share some details that the journalist left out in his book, namely that he only got 1% of the information.

Felipe Letizia Bad Face Paraigua GTRES

The reasons why Jaime del Burgo decided to publish this information that remained silent for years are unknown. It is not known whether it is true or false, but he claims that there is photographic evidence that would confirm his story. The letters, photos and videos he keeps in the safe they once wanted to steal.

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Jaime del Burgo and Letizia retained A relationship for several years in hiding. They secretly saw each other in Madrid, Barcelona and on international trips. Sometimes also in zarzuela, when Felipe was not at home.

Letizia and Jaime del Burgo visit Madrid and Barcelona

“That was in London. “What are you doing this weekend?” “for work”. “You coming to see me?” I stayed for a weekend in Zarzuela. It was July 2010. He was lying in the same hammock, under the pool deck, and he said to me, “I love you,” and I said, “I love you.” (The last time we said that to each other was on May 20, 2004, at the El Latigazo restaurant near Zarzuela.) That moment, in the swing, was one of those moments when life takes a new turn. On that very night, our love affair, which had been broken for years, continued, because love has always been there since our first trip to Venice in 2002. We travel to Cape Verde, to Greece on a cruise, to the United States, to the countryside in England, to Provence in France Until the end of 2014. He came to London and I to Madrid. For a year and a half we thought and took steps forward with the goal of being free. We deal with the issue of the girls’ divorce, we seek legal advice, we look together at a house in Florida facing a zarzuela where we live. The stages we were in in Spain, we consider New York the best option for permanent residence, the idea of ​​having a child of our own. Surrogacy in Los Angeles was suggested to me while I was in La Terre Blanche. We made a nest on Miguel Ángel Street. The discussion Peñafiel referred to in August 2011 was the only discussion we had. We were in Marivent. Felipe kissed at the boat races and made headlines. “What is this?” I asked him. “I had to do it to protect us.” And I believed her,” he revealed in one of his letters.

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Felipe VI became suspicious of Letizia's constant outings and ordered an investigation into her. A group of Zarzuela security personnel traveled to Barcelona and discovered the queen in the company of Jaime del Burgo. At that moment the king discovered the infidelity.

Jaime del Burgo

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