At the 1st Città della Scienza Exhibition for Diagnostics and Reconstructive Rehabilitation

At the 1st Città della Scienza Exhibition for Diagnostics and Reconstructive Rehabilitation

In Bagnoli, in the suggestive location of the Città della Scienza, proceeding on stage homes. The exhibition, in its first edition, is organized by Codis, an association that includes among its members more than sixty leading companies in the sector of structural diagnostics and geosciences throughout the national territory.

DIARS: The first edition of the Diagnostic and Structural Rehabilitation Exhibition

Treasurer Massimo Boggi comments on the event as follows: “This is the first and only exhibition entirely dedicated to the world of structural diagnostics and control, with a focus on new technologies and digital advances.”

During the 3rd, 4th and 5th of November 2022 – Vice President Nicolas Aretusi confirms – Approximately 100 speakers will take turns, divided into 10 events and 7 thematic areas. About 20 platforms will frame the seminars with the latest technological hardware and software innovations in the worlds of structural diagnostics, geography, surveying, and digitization.”

The busy schedule of the three days (download it over here) presents several sessions dedicated to 7 main thematic areas, which will see the participation of some of the leading Italian experts in the sector:

  • Technical Parameters: the knowledge behind the controls over what exists
  • infrastructure: Management and diagnosis of existing infrastructure works
  • storageDiagnostics as a tool to improve the planning and maintenance of the built heritage
  • construction diseases: Damages and defects in construction
  • environmentEnvironmental and Geotechnical Monitoring
  • BIM: digital to see existing structures
  • project management: redevelopment and transformation of large structures

Thus, the Città della Scienza exhibition space will host the major Italian and international engineering firms, who have decided not to miss any unique event.

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Thus, the event was presented by the President of the CODS Association, M. Eduardo Calleano: “DIARS was born from the need to create a reference for all companies and professionals in structural diagnostics and beyond. After two years of hiatus, this appointment in Città della Scienza represents an exceptional opportunity to focus on the importance of diagnostics and the protection of structures, infrastructures and cultural heritage, as Codis and its partners have been doing for years.”

How to participate

Download the ticket:

DIARS Contacts 2022

DIARS, Exhibition of Diagnostics Applied to Restoration and Structural Rehabilitation, 3-4-5 November 2022, Città della Scienza, Bagnoli (Naples).

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