Kilimanjaro estate – RAI press office

Kilimanjaro estate – RAI press office
Travel, Environment, Publishing and Cultural Study. On Sunday’s episode of July 17th, Camila Raznovich will take viewers on a journey to discover Namibia, Africa, Mumbai in India, and all the way to ancient Egypt. The evening’s first guest is botanist and Kilimanjaro friend Stefano Mancuso who will explore the connections between plants and magic. The City of London was also the heroine of the episode, recounted by Marco Farvello, Tg1 reporter and head of the RAI’s London office.
This summer also marks the fiftieth anniversary of the discovery of the Bronze Rayat that retains its magic even after more than two hundred and five hundred years. To remember them, along with host Camila Raznovich, Filippo Dima, director of the Sibari Archaeological Park.
This year in the Travelers Bureau, authors Floriana Pastore and Maria Iudis, in addition to revealing unknown places from the four corners of the Earth, will visit Italy through first-hand experiences. This week they will talk about the water cities of the world and give a lesson at the Scuola di Gondola in Venice.

“Kilimangiaro” is a program written by Sergio Leszczynski, Massimo Favia, Cristoforo Giorno, Maria Iudis, Antonijuulu Panese, Camila Raznovich, Fabio Roberti, Claudia Tofani. Directed by Andrea Dorego.

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