Road safety The hidden function of your mobile phone saves your life: find out how to activate it

Road safety The hidden function of your mobile phone saves your life: find out how to activate it
Using your phone while driving is always dangerous, but there is a function that saves your life, here's what it is /

Your cell phone can also save your life, even in the car: here is a function that few people know about but which is always essential.

Today's topic safety Everyone works intensely: this is one of the main goals we have to work on, because accidents are real Social emergency Which requires radical decisions. They know this well Italian and European institutionswho are working on the new Highway Code with the goal of making our roads safer.

But not only that: in fact, La. Also to help motorists technologyeven in forms that no one can think of. Using your phone while driving is dangerousThis much is for sure: it is no coincidence that the most punished behavior will be using a smartphone while driving, because it is a distraction for everyone and is in fact one of the most common reasons.

However, today phones are also used to save lives: In particular, the technology that we are talking about today was introduced by one of the leading companies in the telephone sector, which decided to provide assistance regarding road safety.

The smartphone function that saves your life: Here's how it works

In the event of an accident, especially the most serious one, the first thing to do is ask for help: The timely arrival of vehicles such as ambulances and medical cars can save the lives of people involved in the accident, and every second counts, which is why it must be done quickly.

What is happening When there are no witnesses Whoever was involved in the accident cannot ask for help? In this case it is applethe manufacturer of all iPhonewhich introduced a life-saving feature with its latest model, and here's how it works.

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Among the features of the iPhone there is also one that saves your life in the event of an accident: here's how it works /

iPhone saves your life: Here's how it works

There is a system inside the phone that records sudden acceleration and deceleration, and when a collision occurs, the iPhone can understand it, and a warning appears on the screen that reads as follows: “It appears that the car was involved in an accident. Cancel the countdown manually or we will send an SMS to emergency services“.

Therefore, after 20 seconds, if the countdown has not been cancelled, the message is sent to the emergency services with the coordinates of the accident: an interesting technology that could represent a turning point for safety.

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