Tennis, ATP Finals: Berrettini trains and tries, Sener waits | News

Tennis, ATP Finals: Berrettini trains and tries, Sener waits |  News

Positive feelings for the Romans but the situation is still delicate, South Tyrol continues to train if he replaces him against Hurkacz.

It’s Italy’s tennis day of truth Turin ATP Finals. Tonight at 9 pm the match between Berrettini e Hurkacz, where the Roman still does not confirm its existence yetAbdominal injury Zverev faced. After the morning medical visits, Berrettini around 1pm training In the Pala Alpitour: twenty minutes, including service tests, without pressing the abdominal area too much, the positive vibes There is confidence tonight but the situation remains delicate. In the event of a waiver, he will take responsibility Yannick Sener.

Davis Cup captain, Filippo VolandriHe explained that the Romanian tennis player may have stopped in time, unlike at the Australian Open at the beginning of the year, leaving a window open for his return to the field. Tournament organizers have for his meeting with Hurkacz (Tentatively scheduled for 2 p.m.), which gives him the opportunity to make all necessary assessments, but the final decision must be made in the next few hours. The regulation states that Berrettini can waive losses up to 5 minutes before the start of the match, but it is clear that also to give Sinner the opportunity to prepare himself mentally, a formal communication will be introduced much earlier.

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