Already announced during the 7-day break –

Already announced during the 7-day break –

A few days after the break, Orbe and Orbe declared it necessary in anticipation of “great things to come”, ninja It is already Back on Twitch and ‘everywhere’making his gap”rest time Weekly, since only 7 days have passed since the previous connection.

You may remember that Ninja reported that he needed a break and didn’t know when and where he would be back. This got us thinking about something big, so much so that many are starting to point to this trend of boycotting broadcasts from webcasting, jointly with other “stars” in the environment like Pokimane.

The gap was definitely shorter than expected, but the indication of a “big event coming” is the fact that, at this point, Ninja will be streaming into All platforms At the same time it seems.

“I’ll be live everywhere tomorrow at 12:00 CST,” Richard “Ninja” Blevins writes in his new post, effectively introducing his new project: Ninja will stream on Twitch, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, it seems. Other than the pause, it seems that the famous viewer is destined to have more video space in the near future.

Its first broadcast according to this new organization is scheduled for today, around 19:00 Italian time.

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