The trick is no longer needed

The trick is no longer needed

one of the Tricks Most used by users The WhatsApp It is about to become a distant memory, because it will not be needed soon: with the update to version 22.23.74 of the stable application for iOS, in fact, WhatsApp has introduced ads Which will be highly appreciated by millions of users all over the world: “(You are)“.

This is a possibility Talk to yourselfto send texts, images, videos and files to a virtual chat in the cloud, where it will be possible to keep them in the archive and find them (from other devices as well), the data we need.

All this could have been done even before, but it goes through Fake group hoax: You create a group with only two contacts (us and one) and then exclude the second contact from the group. practically You stay alone In a fake group and end up chatting with yourself. Soon all this will not be superfluous, and this, together with a second new feature (possibility of using two phones with two numbers and one WhatsApp profile) could dramatically change the meaning of the most used messaging application in the world.

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WhatsApp: the new “Auto Chat”.

The ability to chat with yourself was already teased in the Android beta app, just ten days ago. But now it has popped into one The official app22.23.74 for iOS, then iPhone.

With the updated application, we also include ourselves among the contacts with whom you can chat on WhatsApp: in fact, the list now appears “XYZ (you)where XYZ is a file Our WhatsApp profile name.

Unlike some of the timid experiments WhatsApp has done in the past, this time the chat is also with itself Compatible with multiple devicesthat is, with the ability to use the same profile on several devices at the same time (up to 4 devices, of which only one is a smartphone).

WhatsApp: Multi-Device “Automatic Chats”.

At this point, one wonders how it would be possible to use chat with oneself as quickly as possible Connect multiple phones to the same WhatsApp profile. Indeed, in fact, it will be enough for you to share something with yourself from then on first phone To find it automatically in a second.

So, just to give an example, we can do one Photo on one smartphone and instantly share it with the other. Or send a file PDF From one to another, receive a file on one phone and get it instantly on the other. In short: combine Talk to yourself And the Multi-device WhatsApp It opens many interesting scenarios.

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