Rumors about Bernardeschi and Dybala: Juventus change politics? Pogba’s future, there is certainty. Witsel “push” towards Turin. But it is not convincing. Unbelievable JWomen. Italy and Qatar and the great hypocrisy

Rumors about Bernardeschi and Dybala: Juventus change politics?  Pogba’s future, there is certainty.  Witsel “push” towards Turin.  But it is not convincing.  Unbelievable JWomen.  Italy and Qatar and the great hypocrisy

Mino Raiola “lost” Federico Bernardeschi. Which is now represented by Little Shepherds. Agents do not have relations with Juventus for some time. Now, according to Radio Market, the chances of eternal misunderstandings thrown by Madama mentors into bragging positions at the end of the decade could have increased. I do not dwell on the record. Even rumors that Dybala’s renewal will not be one step away. According to a proposal by Juventus, Milan’s policy is taking hold: allowing players with onerous contracts that expire. So does Dybala. This is the new trend. In Milan the next could be Kessie and Romagnoli. In Juventus Bernardeschi and Dybala.

I hope no one is affected by “dreams”. Paul Pogba will not return to Turin. The process is very expensive. There are media that “push” for Witsel: a solution that does not convince me. Given the economic situation, I am convinced that Juventus will radically change its face at the end of the season.

Write these names: Rabio, Ramsey, Morata, Pellegrini. And (even the inevitable loss) Arthur. Instead, Ken will be replaced and not just because there is an obligation. Raiola would have somehow pledged to compensate Juventus for the two-million-euro Dutch “package” that escaped Genoa and disappeared into the country of tulips. And de yacht you ask? He has a long contract but also has many offers. Selling it would not be science fiction. You’d better get used to the idea of ​​”downsizing” Juve who will try to become great again by promoting their young players.

Lazio – Juventus speech. With this moonlight, it looks like Sarri’s team is the favourite. But Juventus cannot lose. And not so much for the (unexpected) comeback (barely a tie between Inter and Napoli) but for survival. So, my dear Juve: adjectives.

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National speech: his last stop in March. We’ll see with whom Mancini will have to play. To exclude Italy for the second time from the World Cup would be a disservice to Italian football, as well as a setback. This neither Mancini nor the European champions deserve.

But it will be held in Qatar.

It will be played in a country where 6,500 workers have died over the years due to the construction of factories. Unidentified “aliens” that no one (or almost) has dealt with. It will be played in a country where human rights are considered a “borderline”. Women were recently allowed to drive, but women cannot open a bank account. Where there are skyscrapers and colossal fortunes, along with abject poverty.

Now the great hypocrisy (also in sports, starting with Formula 1 that Qatar’s petrodollar paid to set up its circus) is just an eyelash raise. I tell the truth: I would be sorry if Italy did not participate in the World Cup. But at the same time, it repels me as a citizen that Italy can participate in. No power, however very high, does not, in the name of the mind of the state, bow to rest: economic, political, or religious. But I do not want to become a Pharisee: the history of sports, from the Berlin Olympics in Nazi Germany, to the following (Winter) Games in Beijing in the homeland of a cruel dictatorship, is full of concessions. It will continue. Pecunia (commonly known) is olet.

Speech girls, engaged in Germany. Wonderful. They said it after the internal draw and they did it: “We’re going to win in Germany.” At home to Wolfsburg. Win by two goals. Little luck in the first race, but strong. A team of girls never cheat. Neither with the Juventus shirt nor in the national team (10 called up). The only negative thing is the Cernoia accident, the genius of the lamp. Montemurro can be happy. It gave added conviction to a formation that actually found itself built, over the years, by the great work of Rita Guarino. But Montemoro put his share in it. Good, good and still good. Cheerful and males take note. in detail.

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