Genoa 130 – Live Photo Gallery: Fans Concert

Genoa 130 – Live Photo Gallery: Fans Concert
Arch of Piazza della Vittoria in Genoese colors and the Cross of San Giorgio (Photo

Good evening to all Genoa fans in the world of Rossoblu from Alessandro Legnazzi, Marco Liguori and Francesco Patrone. In this post we will include photos of the fan party on the occasion of the 130th anniversary of Genoa which will culminate at midnight with a fireworks display: a real New Year’s Eve for the Griffin. After that, the procession will head towards Via Palestro where the oldest club in Italy was founded on September 7, 1893.

19:55 ACG announces through its social channels that “tonight, starting at 21:15, every 15 minutes there will be a light show on the arch of Piazza della Vittoria on the occasion of the 130th birthday. Greetings, Griffin.”

12 o’clock Fireworks are currently being displayed in Piazza De Ferrari. Among the main streets in the city center appear the inscriptions composed of torches: “Genoa”, “1893” and “130”.

00:15 am The Rossoblu procession moves towards Via Palestro

00:50 As the Rossoblu’s procession arrived via Palestro, a resident of Sampdoria threw a bucket of water at the Genoese.

formerItalian Cup, round of 32: Genoa and Reggiana will be played on November 1

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