“I feel hungry!” , at Città della Scienza, the weekend dedicated to climate change events in Naples

On Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 November 2021, on the occasion of COP 26, the United Nations Climate Conference in Glasgow, the City of Science dedicates the weekend to the very current topic of climate change through a series of activities and workshops and understanding how each can do your part to tackle the climate crisis .

Several interesting workshops have been organized in collaboration with Le Nuvole Scienza for audiences of all ages who will be able to participate in the fascinating scientific presentation “Choose Your Climate” that will highlight the physical phenomena related to climate change and will deepen the ecological footprint calculation to understand the role of human actions in climate change, Or the “Year 2048” interactive lab to find out why our planet is undergoing more and more radical transformations.

Città della Scienza will also host the Games Festival for all Partenoplay, promoted by the Department for Social Policy of the Municipality of Naples as part of the “City for Play” project, created in collaboration with Ludobus Artingioco – Progetto Uomo Social Cooperative, and which sees the sharing of the most important recreational facts of the region. A special occasion to rediscover the importance, gravity and educational significance of the game in an age of growth.

The Borbone Kids Lab continues “Stretching is not resting” in collaboration with Caffè Borbone, to promote children’s creativity through recycling.
Adults and children can, as always, take part in guided visits to the Museum of the Human Body and enjoy the wonders of the planetarium.

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