Free content announced on November 25, 2021 –

Having made free computer addresses available today, Epic Games Store According to tradition, he also announced the following Free content Which will be available for download next week. Starting at 17:00 on Thursday, November 25, 2021, you can download a file Antstream – Welcome Pack.

So it is not a real game but a series of credits You can spend it on the Antstream gaming cloud platform: The welcome pack from Epic Games allows you to get 1090 free gems to use in the game, corresponding to price $14.99.

Antstream, interface image

This in-game currency can be spent to play limited-time Antstream titles, challenges, and tournaments. The gems It can also be used to unlock more difficult challenges and play turn-based PvP mode with friends and other players.

For those unfamiliar with Antstream, this is a subscription-based platform that specializes in games of the past: it also works in cloud games And it allows you to access many titles from the catalog of the seventies, eighties and nineties, including arcades, consoles, and home computers of the time. Therefore, it is a catalog full of classicsAmong them are games like Ikari Warriors, Joe & Mac, California Games, Zool, Double Dragon, and many more, as well as Score Attacks, Speed ​​Runs, and Boss Rushes that support multiplayer.

Starting with a Kickstarter campaign, Antstream is coming soon to the Epic Games Store and this welcome pack is the perfect way to immediately start discovering your “retro” cloud gaming platform.

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