Beijing Winter Olympics, women’s downhill. Speak Physio della Giugia

Davis and working with Sophia after the injury: “Now it doesn’t hurt anymore.” Waiting for the last test

From our reporter Simone Battagya

“Sofia has 70-80 per cent of the condition. In 80 per cent of the case she can win the Olympic gold medal.” Gigi Davisy is among the people who have been spending the most time with Sophia Jogia in the past few days. A physiotherapist and orthopedist from the elite group of the women’s national team, she has a long fight in the Fisi teams. He started with cross-country skiing in the time of Marco Albarello, and over the years has also followed Michela Mooli and Omar Vicentine on the national snowboarding team. In his room these days all the blues has passed a little, from Marta Pacino, Elena Cortoni and Francesca Marsaglia to Giuliano Razzoli. A bed for the treatment of the Azzurri muscles and joints, and a TV next to them to follow all the Azzurri competitions participating in the Olympics, from any sport. Of course, working in Sofia was the most sensitive. After the injury in Cortina, the Bergamo woman began the process of recovery relying on the people and structures she has followed closely in recent years: above all Matteo Bendini, the coordinating physiotherapist at the Natural Center of Bagno San Vito, but also Sofia’s sponsor treated her for two weeks in Verona, where the knight from Bergamo set up a base to try to recover.

just a check

When Sophia arrived in Beijing, she returned to Davisy’s care. “I am optimistic, even if we still have to deal with physiological recovery times – physiotherapist attacking -. However, it must be said, these days, Sophia’s progress has been really significant. Once I arrived I treated her up to four times a day ,the first at 6.30am in hospitality before taking the cable car to the training ramp.The past few days we’ve had a few simple global checks daily.The tissues responded well.She told me he no longer feels pain when walking,that’s an important step.A few days ago if I faced Any obstacles in her movement would hurt her, now not anymore.”

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Fear of slipping

Cortina’s injury had such dire consequences, that it was necessary to patiently work on her day in and day out. “Extension of knee motion was limited – continues Devizzi – so we were able to get it back. But the day before Super G, when Sophia slipped during her training, there was a regression there. Thankfully, the session allowed us to recover and return to full functionality.”

look carefully

We are now on race day. Weather permitting, the last scheduled tests will soon take place, when the test scheduled for Sunday was canceled due to the dangerousness of the track after heavy snowfall. Damage to all the athletes, who know little about “rock”, but above all to Sophia who needs to get back on skates like bread. “At least one more test is needed – concludes Davisy -, perhaps even from a low start. Failure to do so would be punishment. Plus, the weather will be key, as good visibility will help give her the safety she needs.”

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