Dybala: “In another life I was Roman. I hope Italy remains my home” – Forzaroma.info – Latest football news in Roma – interviews, photos and videos

Dybala: “In another life I was Roman. I hope Italy remains my home” – Forzaroma.info – Latest football news in Roma – interviews, photos and videos

Goya's words: “Rome is a magical city. When I was a child in Argentina I only saw it through films. It would be nice to play a match in the Colosseum.”

Paolo Dybala In an interview with Serie A Microphones, the Argentine spoke about his relationship with Roma. These are his words: “Everything related to the Roman Empire always attracted my attention, I don’t know why. Maybe I was a Roman in another life. Rome is a magical city. When I was a child in Argentina I only saw Rome through movies and my impression was that it was a huge city. The first day I arrived in Italy, I arrived in Rome. For me, a dream has come true.”

About the passion of football. “I've been playing football for a long time. To say that it's everything to me may seem like an exaggeration, but it absolutely is. My best memories are often associated with football. I never thought it would become something so important and great.” Extremely. One can imagine and dream about it, but when these dreams come true, it is truly unbelievable. Football is present in every moment of my life. I always say that we Argentines give us the pacifier first and then they give us the ball.

On the cinema. “When I was young, I spent a lot of time watching movies, my favorite is Gladiator. The Colosseum is one of the best stadiums in the world. It would be nice to have a match here. We were in the film studios in Rome, and they told us that the best films were made here. Everything that is part of the world of cinema I associate with football. I think they are very similar, there are the main actors, they are us players, and each one of us has a different role. Everyone works together so that when the moment comes, everyone can give their best. If I had to compare a movie to a match, I think the World Cup final would be a movie. “Perfectly.”

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On the day of the show. “This is the Colosseum where it all started. My first day here was almost a surprise. It was unbelievable. The club organized a huge event and so many people came, it was really amazing and obviously every time when I come here I always think That evening, because it was amazing.”

On the city. “All the history here is incredible, it's unique. We pass here often (in Pincio ed.) and I love seeing the city, admiring it more than anything else. As I said before, everything is so good especially in “At night. It's lit up and that makes it even more beautiful. And at night it's something else.”

On the beginnings. “When I was 4 years old I started at a school close to home and played with friends. I was very young, I was 4 years old and then when I was 10 my father took me to the city, to Cordoba, please try” Cordoba Institute. I remember those seven years with great affection although there were difficult moments due to family problems. Seven years later I played for the first team in my professional debut which was my goal and dream as a child and this is where it all started. I always say that sometimes you need a little luck, hard work is not always enough and a little luck can help you achieve your goals. But you have to make sacrifices and train hard. Without dedication, things become more difficult. “Do it for a long time, it's not a sacrifice, if that's what you love. Everyone has their own priorities and focuses on different things. Everyone can focus on not having a bad game to make their parents happy. But I think everyone He knows what they want to focus on what they want, and in my case it was always football first.”

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On the fans. “It is difficult to walk around in Rome, if someone recognizes you they will stop you and everyone does the same. At first they feel shy or afraid, but if someone has the courage to take a selfie, everyone does it. Italy plays an important role in my life.” I have lived Here for over 10 years, throughout my teenage years until today. I have always lived in Italy, in different cities but always in the same country where I met amazing people. It is a country that has taught me a lot. “I have met people in the south, in the north and now in Roma. They have treated me well from day one. I think that in general the Italian is very similar to the Argentine. The fans are very similar. The passion for the club, the strong emotions,” he said, loving the shirt. I often watched Roma matches. If you haven't been inside it's hard to know what it means to be here. The people here live and breathe Rome. “I am Argentine and I will always feel Argentine, but Italy is my second home and I hope it will remain that way for a long time to come.”

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