Rovilla makes a great impression, the McKinney disaster. Velhovich is stubborn, Merity roams

Rovilla makes a great impression, the McKinney disaster.  Velhovich is stubborn, Merity roams

He probably wasn’t expecting such a quiet evening either.

Marlon 6

It’s not at its best, but it does limit damage. Caldirola (10′ st) 6.5 strikes the balance.

Tuesday 7

He oversees his area of ​​jurisdiction: the divine shutdown of De Sciglio, then Bremer’s early intervention avoids the worst of problems.


He feels the atmosphere of the derby, of a new grenade, and he has the advantage, if we can count it as such, that causes Di Maria to be expelled. When it comes to battle, they are second to none.

CURRIA 7.5.0 Update

He bravely threw himself: through his two conquests, the first serious actions of the Palladino boys appeared. Jettaker’s goal born from his foot: a fixed thorn in his side.

Pesina 7

He runs crazily from side to side, like a real captain.

Rovilla 7

After the entire preparatory season ended on the orders of Allegri, he found himself against his former teammates without fear: rising hard and being everywhere.

senses 6

Some good engineering and a couple of interesting crosses: a little for who should make a difference. He comes out with a problem in his left leg. Barberis (9′ st) 6.5 arrangement and ideas.

Carlos Augusto 6.5.1

He sticks to the score and never misses a note. Berndelle (40th Street) ng.

Muta 6

He devours a solar goal with an attractive assist from Ciurria at the start of the second half, but is fighting back.

Getkjaer (10th Street) 8

He was called by the fans at the entrance to the field, and did not appear with a big head. “Vikings scored a goal” singing from the turn and punishing Juventus with the movement of the authentic striker.

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Capri 6

It sparkles in flashes, without completely convincing: it gets lost in some excessive sophistication.

Kolpani (24th Street) 6.5 Quality when you need it.

Annex PALLADINO 7.5.0 Update

Debuting against Juventus is not easy for anyone, not even the ex-Juventus player chosen by Berlusconi and Galliani to revive Monza. The team gains confidence, only to find itself in front of a boring Juventus without ideas: who starts well is half the battle.

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