Third set 6-2, 5-7, 4-4- Corriere

Third set 6-2, 5-7, 4-4- Corriere

11.32pm – Sinner cancels break point

With an errant backhand, one second to the body, Ron wasted a very sensitive break point, which would have led him to serve for the match. Then Sinner, thanks to two more errors from the Dane, holds serve. 4-4 in the third set, and now the Turin fans are trying to make their voice heard to push Yannick.

11.22pm – Ron stays ahead in the third set

There are still positive signs from Sinner. The South Tyrol player holds serve at zero, winning two points with his serve. Then the Dane also holds serve easily and remains ahead (4-3) in the third set.

11.13pm – Ron cancels another stop

Here is the real sinner again. Jannik plays an excellent role in response, getting to the breaking point but there Rune sets pole at 215km/h, something the South Tyrolean driver can offer little resistance to. And again serving a winner even at 40-40. From the middle of the second set, the Dane started serving very well. We’re 3-2 to Ron in the third and deciding set.

11.00pm – Ron cancels two break points for Sinner

In a sensitive match, Ron argues with the line judge over a disputed call, but in the meantime he negates two break points for Sinner and ends a river match that lasted more than 12 minutes. He led in the second set 2-1. After the change Yannick will go to bat.

10.53 pm – Panatta: “If I had played in Abu Dhabi, the comet would have retired.”

It looks like the sinner has some back problems. “If the finals had not been held in Turin, but, for example, in Abu Dhabi, Sinner would now have withdrawn from this match,” said Adriano Panatta, commenting on Rai.

10.51pm – Groups: Who qualifies

Let’s remember the different groups to go through the round: If Ron beats Sinner, he qualifies for the semi-finals as first in the group, with Jannik in second place and Djokovic is eliminated.

10.49pm – The third set begins

Ron’s performance picked up in the last half hour. The Dane holds the first serve of the third set scoreless. It seems that the sinner is in trouble.

10.41pm – Ron wins the second set 7-5

Ron continues the attack: he presses from the baseline, prompts Sinner to foul and takes 0-15. Then he made two errors with a backhand: first he hit a long shot and then it went into the net. He negated the first set point with a forehand diagonal that Ron caught on the counter. The second with another forehand winner, but she surrendered in the third: the Dane closed the point with a header and won the second set. We go to the third.

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10.36pm – Ron secures the tiebreaker

Ron still maintains the advantage, but holds serve without allowing break points and thus ensuring a tie-break. Yannick, who was down 5-4, holding to zero, will now have to serve again with pressure, having trailed 6-5 in the second set.

10.30pm – Ron leads 5-4 in the second set

We continue serving in the second set: Ron leads 5-4, and now Sinner will extend the set. Janek sat up and touched his back.

10.17pm – Ron stays ahead in the second set

We start again with Sinner holding serve in an instant, with two aces in the match (there are 6 in total in the match). Then in advantages, but without granting break points, the Rune also holds the serve. The Dane leads 4-3 in the second set.

10.14pm – Ron calls the physiotherapist with a knee problem

Ron stopped the game again and called in a physiotherapist due to a problem with his right knee.

10.11pm – The rune also cancels the break point

With a serving winner, and screaming “Come on” at the top of his lungs, Ron canceled out an important break point in the fifth game. He remained ahead in the second set with a score of 3-2, now on Sinner’s serve.

10.08pm – Sinner cancels the break point

The sinner runs like a train. Yannick lands 15-30 aces, then Ron gets a break point with a forehand down the line that presses down the line, at the end of a very long exchange. But even in this case, Sinner finds the winning serve, and cancels it. Then close the game. However, the Dane has significantly raised his tennis level compared to the first set. The game is now balanced.

10.00pm – Ron leads 2-1 in the second set

Sinner Rune gives the advantage in the third period, but at 40-40 he puts a back pass out of reach which is possible for him. The Dane holds serve and leads 2-1 in the second set.

9.51pm – The second set begins

The first two games of the second set are without defeats: Ron maintains 15, and Sinner as well. We are 1-1 in the second set

9.47pm – Ron leaves the field

Ron left the field for a toilet break.

9.43pm – Winner of the first set 6-2

9.38pm – Runes shorten: Sinner leads 5-2

Two foul putbacks from Sinner, Rune goes up 40-0, claws back at 40-30, then a foul on a Yannick backhand. The Dane holds the serve, after changing the court, Sinner works to close the first set.

9.34pm – Flawless sinner with serve and backhand

Impeccable serve from Sinner, who makes the difference with his backhand, always deep and heavy, and his serve. Ron tries to shuffle the cards by diving into the net, with no luck so far. Yannick is up 5-1 in the first set, and now serves for Ron.

9.28pm – Atham leads 4-1 in the first set

Sinner’s first moment of uncertainty on serve: With a good attack, Rune gets to 30-30, Yannick responds with a deep forehand that leads his opponent into an error, then an accurate backhand down the line. Then the Dane, despite the double fault, holds serve for the first time.

9.21pm – Sinner’s second break

Using an outside smash, Rune negates a precise break point, but immediately afterwards concedes another point with a forward miss and Sinner converts it. Yannick leads 3-0, double break. The Dane is making a lot of mistakes so far.

9.17pm – Sinner takes a 2-0 lead in the first set

The sinner seems to have no intention of performing the calculations. Quick from the baseline, very strong, Yannick holds serve scoreless and in an instant takes the lead to 2-0. Ron seems to be in a hurry, Panata comments on Rai 2.

9.14pm – The sinner is instantly broken

With a perfect forehand pass, Sinner, the surgeon, immediately snatches the serve from Rune. Well done Yannick for choosing the response. He will compete head-to-head in the first group.

Sinner won the toss and chose to respond: We start with the Rune at bat.

So far there have been two precedents between Sinner and Ron, both won by the Dane: the first last year at the ATP 250 tournament in Sofia, in the semi-finals, with Jannik withdrawing in the final (5-7, 6-4, 5-2 down), the last time A few months ago in Monte Carlo, again in the semifinals, with a successful comeback for Holger (1-6, 7-5, 7-5).

9.03pm – Players are on the field

8.28pm – Djokovic: “Biscuits? “The wrong one will play to win.”

This is Djokovic’s opinion on the possibility of a “biscuit” between Sinner and Rhone: “Young players are expected to be hungry and motivated to try to become stronger. So you can beat the best players in the world and win the most important prizes. I don’t know what Sinner is thinking, it’s Obviously, he will be relieved to think that he is already qualified before stepping onto the field. Knowing him, he will try to win. He is playing great, like Ron. It will be an interesting match because they are from the same generation and rivals: I’m sure neither of them wants to lose to the other, especially in such a “This is an important event.”

8.15pm – Panata is sure: “There is no competition between Sinner and Rune”

Adriano Panatta, Italian tennis legend and the last No. 4 in the world before Jannik Sinner, has no doubts about tonight’s match in the ATP Finals against Rhone: “Blue is stronger, there is no competition. And I’ll tell you why.” Read the full article here

7.32pm – The sinner goes first or second? Groups

With a virtual win for Ron, the person who will pay the highest price is Novak Djokovic, who will find himself already eliminated from the group. In this case, it will only be necessary to decide who will go first between Sinner and Dane and who will take second place. Read all the collections here

6.59pm – Djokovic loses a set, Sinner has already advanced

Jannik Sinner has mathematically qualified for the semi-finals of the ATP Finals in Turin, even before he takes to the court this evening against Dane Holger Röhn. What gave the Italian tennis player qualification was his great Polish friend, Hubert Hurkacz, who in the afternoon match won a set from Serbian world number one Novak Djokovic. Read the full article here

6.39pm – Sinner-Rune, where you can watch the match on TV

He has never beaten him, but Jannik Sinner is ready to dispel even the last taboo. This evening, starting at 9pm, Holger will face Rönn. former? 2-0 for the Dane, who must definitely win to qualify for the semi-finals, a goal that the Italian has already achieved thanks to his friend Hubert Hurkacz: in fact, the Pole lost his match with Djokovic, but took a set away from him. Read here where to watch the match

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