“hero”. But the former Ferrari admits his fear is linked to Sumi

“hero”.  But the former Ferrari admits his fear is linked to Sumi

Same pedigree, same innate talent, Formula 1 World Championship and Ferrari in the cards. Sebastian Vettel He should be considered to all intents and purposes, yesterday as today, the designated heir of Michael Schumacher With all due respect to Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen who are seen in shared imagination alongside Schumi in the definition of the goat of Formula 1.

also leave He is not ashamed to think about the great hero a few days after the sad anniversary, the tenth year, of the accident that negatively changed the child’s life. Michael Schumacher And his family. He does this with kind words as always, but also with a hidden fear linked to the passing of the years.

Vettel: “Schumacher wrote the history of Formula 1 and the sport”

Sebastian Vettel, 4 Formula 1 world titles under his belt Unfortunately everyone is for Red Bull and no one is for Ferrarias he contemplatesMichael Schumacher's lasting legacy In the world of sports and Formula 1, as the tenth anniversary of the terrible skiing accident that Schumi suffered on December 29, 2013 while skiing in France is approaching, he suffers a serious brain shock and then ends up in a coma and actually retires from public life, first in the clinic and then in… Home for further treatment under the care of specialist doctors.

Some considered Vettel “Baby Schumacher“, becoming the second German to win the title in 2010, winning four titles in total, and competing against Schumacher in his return years to Mercedes in 2010-2012. The relationship between the two was always special, to the point that Vettel himself was like a mother to him when Mick Schumacher arrived, Son Michael, to Formula 1.

“A person like Michael will always remain in history because his successes and statistics will always be visible in black and white, but the idiosyncrasies of the characters also remain. Michael then had a special relationship with FerrariHe achieved the miracle of five world championships, forming a winning team where he remained for many years.”

Schumacher and Vettel's concerns: “Time passes and someone might forget”

The former Red Bull and Ferrari driver thinks so Schumacher's legacy is diminished today Compared to his generation, he believes this is just a normal part of the sport: “In sports, things move forward, in fact they move forward very quickly – Vettel explained to the German News Agency – This is good because time flows forward rather than backward, but it has its pitfalls. Although it's hard to imagine, Michael Schumacher or an NBA icon like Michael Jordan is viewed differently over time. They will never disappear from the history books or from fans' memories, but Michael Schumacher is less well known to many kids today than he was to me then. He was a hero of my generation. But this is a good thing, because every era writes its own stories, and every era has its heroines and heroes.”

Source: ANSA

Michael Schumacher: From Todt to Domenicali to Vettel on the 10th anniversary of Meribel

As this sad anniversary approaches, the tenth anniversary of the Meribel accident, there are a series of testimonies, or even simple memories, from those who lived with the seven-time world champion when he was active. after Jean Todd Among the few who still have contact with the Schumacher family, His wife, Corinna And the kids Mick H Gina Mariaa story Timo Gluckalso Stefano Domenicali remembered the great champion he met during his time at Ferrari.

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However, the tragic skiing accident in the French Alps that turned his life upside down remains in the background Michael Schumacher who was recently talked about with a new backgroundbut also details regarding the health of the 7-time Formula 1 World Champion, 5 with Ferrari, have remained confidential since then, in full compliance with Corinna's decision on The confidentiality of Shumi's health conditions was highlighted by the family lawyer.

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