40-minute video spread through a leak showing gameplay – Nerd4.life

40-minute video spread through a leak showing gameplay – Nerd4.life

These are intense hours for the world of video games, after the GTA 6 leak it’s now a . turn Diablo 4 leak. In fact, two are circulating on the network Gameplay video of more than 40 minutes Totals showing a non-final (and therefore ready-to-improve) version of Blizzard’s game.

The video It can be found at this address Reset or to this address reddit: Obviously for some it could be a spoiler, so access the page with the Diablo 4 video at your own risk.

As indicated, it will be one internal testing stage, they are usually shared only with the family and friends of the developers. Diablo 4’s longest 38-minute video is very wide. In general, what appears looks very solid. Blizzard is in a more advanced stage of development than GTA 6. In any case, it is a non-final version and should not be circulated on the Internet: the game should not be judged by what is in the video, nor from a graphic point of view or from a content point of view Fun, as there can be big changes before posting.

Setting from Diablo 4

Just as in the case of GTA 6, however, if you are able to monitor the contents without being affected by it, it is interesting to be able to know what the game is like before publishing and how the tests are conducted. However, we will have to find out how long the Diablo 4 videos will be active: Blizzard will definitely prefer to delete them.

The a leak However, they are a huge disappointment for the developers: some famous video game authors have had their say and encouraged their colleagues at Rockstar Games.

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