editorial. Not knowing is a matter of assumption

editorial.  Not knowing is a matter of assumption

on me science progress A new paper has been published on non-scientific situations. No one may have ever denied the table of elements behind me, but other scientific evidence has been attacked.

These situations must be effectively combated, but they must also be understood. We have to ask ourselves why these kinds of guesses, plots are so attractive to the human mind.

In this paper, various anti-science attitudes on many issues are examined: from global warming to vaccines, the passage of genetically modified organisms and other issues.

Scholars have compared the strength of the opposition to scientific evidence, compared to people’s objective knowledge of the topic and to subjective knowledge, that is, what one thinks of, and one assumes they know. This is because there are different theories to explain anti-science and how to confront it. And there is the problem of incapacity, which she says is a problem of ignorance and willingness. Others argue that anti-science stems from values ​​that lead you to adhere to certain beliefs. The problem is that all too often those who stand against science are ignorant. In fact, he has a fairly high qualification, that is, there will be all the tools of reasoning and research for obtaining a rational idea of ​​reality. Why then are they unscientific? It turns out in this research that people who develop strong opposition to scientific evidence have somewhat low objective knowledge about the topic and high subjective knowledge. In practice, they assume they understand everything. In English it is called blind trustA well-known paradoxical effect in cognitive science. The less you know, the more you’ll assume you know you’ve become cocky and arrogant. If so, contrasting the facts and figures will not be enough. Information campaigns are good, but it will be necessary to deconstruct the assumption of knowledge and above all explain the contents and the scientific method.

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