Atalanta-Napoli, possible lineup and where to watch it on TV: Latest live news

Atalanta-Napoli, possible lineup and where to watch it on TV: Latest live news

Gasperini’s choices

If Mazzarri starts from a 4-3-3 formation, Gian Piero Gasperini also seems inclined to change the formation: “De Roon was ruled out and Koopmeinerz returned injured from the Netherlands. “For Scalvini to progress we must change the unit,” he declared on the eve of the match. Therefore, alongside Ederson, there should be a shirt for Scalvini leading to a four-man defence.

Mazzarri’s choices

Osimhen and Anguissa are on the bench, and Cajuste and Raspadori are on the field. These are the latest selections for Walter Mazzarri, who has been struggling with injuries and a delayed return from the national teams. The final doubt remains between the two rosters with Gollini preferred over Meret who has just recovered from injury.

Precedents between Atalanta and Naples

Napoli have won all three of their last three Serie A matches against Atalanta and have never achieved four straight wins against a Bergamo side in Serie A; This run of victories for the Neapolitans came after Atalanta won four of the previous six matches in the competition.

It’s Maradona’s day

Here we are, it’s Atalanta-Napoli day but it’s also Diego Maradona day. Three years after the death of Pepe De Oro, Walter Mazzarri made his first appearance on the Napoli bench in Bergamo.

Napoli leaves for Bergamo

He left Napoli, led by Mazzarri, for Bergamo. As Mazzarri predicted, they are all capable and draftable: Osimhen, Zielinski, Anguissa and Meret also take their places at the blue level.

back to home

The emotion is real, Walter Mazzarri doesn’t know how to pretend: “For me, Naples is my home. De Laurentiis showed me a clip from the soon-to-be-released film, and I cringed. However, I wasn’t here to win the championship. Since I left, the people of Naples have always shown me love. My great climbing started from the years I spent here.”

Farewell ten years ago

It has been 3840 days since the last time. Walter Mazzarri reconstructs his farewell to Napoli in this way: “When I left my cycle was over, I told myself that there needed to be a jump in quality in the market otherwise it would have been complicated to enter the fifth year with a team that already knows you well and that it needs to be motivated differently. “And then I had to improve on second place to do better, and it was not easy.”

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Challenge with Gasperini

Gianpiero Gasperini vs. Walter Mazzarri, two old coaches, among the oldest in the Italian League: “Atalanta is a great team, they play man-to-man and they are coached by a strong coach like Gasperini – explains Mazzarri. I am not used to thinking for a long time. Even when I came here to race “Ten years ago we had a demanding calendar. The situation is somewhat similar: if things went well for us then, we have to hope that things will go well this time too.”

Options towards Bergamo

Waiting for Osimhen, who will play in Bergamo? Walter Mazzarri does not answer: “I do not like giving the opponent advantages in the formation. You know Raspadori and Simeone well, and I will also evaluate the physical condition of the players I have available.”

Osimhen’s return

Ten years ago there was Cavani, today there is Osimhen. “He is a wonderful boy, he was cheerful from the first moment. He is generous, thinks about the team and victories, and sacrifices himself. It is available again and I am happy,” said Walter Mazzarri, smiling.


There is no point in thinking about the Italian League: “We cannot think about the Italian League if we do not think about winning matches. We are 10 points away from the lead, and there is no point in talking about the championship. Let’s think about winning. And also not to lose any more points at home or away.” But what did De Laurentiis ask him? Walter Mazzarri did not answer: “The moment is delicate, let’s not think about it now. The next match is the important one, and everyone who knows me knows it. In the end we will draw conclusions, “Now we just have to solve any problems within the team. Tomorrow will be the first test. It is easy for anyone to face Atalanta, and then I will be more aware of the team.”

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Group status

How is Naples? “I did not understand the reasons for some of the fluctuations until recently. I can’t say the reasons yet. “Then I will never allow myself to criticize the work of those who were there before me, but I will work with Ponderelli and the staff to solve any problems,” says Walter Mazzarri confidently. He explains: “4-3-3? At Coverciano they often call me to give lessons in each unit, and then I always update myself in these years when I get stopped. Now let’s see with Napoli: I don’t know if we will always play the same way, but obviously I start from the habits of this team that moved everyone in a certain way. Then from one match to another we will see what precautions must be taken.”

Tour de force

The Naples calendar is very difficult. “But I was born to suffer, that’s why they called me,” Walter Mazzarri smiles. He begins talking about individuals: “I only saw Anguissa today for the first time, and when I arrived there were a few beginners. But I did what I always do, I talked to those who were there and they understood that I was here to oversee the details. Then there will be time to be together, we will play every three days and we will always be alone, and I will have the opportunity to talk to anyone.”

Naples crisis

Where did the Garcia crisis in Naples originate? Walter Mazzarri tries to answer this way: “Since I have been in football for some time, I imagine that perhaps a team that is not accustomed to winning trophies can subconsciously pay something immediately afterwards. You may think that you are much stronger than others, but in today’s football it is difficult for anyone. “I came here to make the team understand the risks that exist: others are waiting for us with greater interest. We must not underestimate anything, this is my job.”

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Here’s Mazari!

Walter Mazzarri’s press conference started a few minutes late. “I’m excited. After 23 years of my career, you’ve made me emotional again,” he defended himself. “This is definitely the strongest team I have ever coached,” he readily admits. It’s nice to see the group from abroad, and what we did with Spalletti was nice for everyone all over Italy. “When a coach sees a team like this, he hopes he can coach them, and thanks to the president, I will be able to do that until the end of the year, I hope.”

Gasperini’s words

“Palomino and Tolui stayed out. Ruggeri has recovered well, we have all recovered a bit, the last minute suspicion is that Kopmeinerz, he arrived from the national team with slight bruises, we will evaluate him tomorrow. It’s a physical problem, it’s fatigue. The problem is that we play tomorrow.” These are the words of Gian Piero Gasperini on the eve of the big match with the new Napoli, led by Mazzarri.

Matsari returns after 3840 days

Walter Mazzarri returns to the Napoli bench 3,840 days after his last appearance. In his first Italian adventure, the Tuscan coach won 73 Serie A matches: only William Garbutt (92), Maurizio Sarri (79) and Eraldo Monziglio (77) had more successes in Serie A.

Today’s programme

Walter Mazzarri’s first press conference is scheduled for 3.30pm. Almost two weeks after his return to the national team, the new Napoli coach will finally answer journalists’ questions in the press room of the Castel Volturno technical center.

The match is exclusively on Dazn channel

The Atalanta-Napoli match on Saturday at 6pm will be broadcast exclusively on Dazn, and can be seen on the app on smart TVs or one of the many devices available from Google Chromecast to Amazon TV Fire Stick, and from PlayStation or Xbox game consoles to Tim Vision.

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