2024 begins with the most surprising news: “Serie A club sold” | Goodbye after 10 years

2024 begins with the most surprising news: “Serie A club sold” |  Goodbye after 10 years

The new year immediately begins with shocking news, as the Serie A club is suddenly being sold after 10 years.

The moment is in League She is very sensitive. Many companies have to deal with ever-increasing costs and a debt burden that has become almost unbearable. We always need new sources of income, but finding them has become difficult nowadays.

The eye on financial data has become more and more clinical, and media attention has increased so dramatically in recent seasons, that economic problems have become increasingly frequent.

In newspapers, account analysis has become practically a daily topic, with club strategies necessarily following the logic of sustainability. Bye bye Crazy and out of control expensesas we have seen for some time in Italy.

Abroad there is more freedom, but also Big English names They will have to combine their efforts, because in the long run it will become increasingly difficult to continue this kind of corporate policy.

Serie A, club accounts don't add up

As mentioned previously, this issue is becoming increasingly fundamental in Serie A. Last season we saw the investigation into Juventus, the problems related to the ownership of Inter, and the sale of Milan and Roma shares with the entry of American groups and funds.

But there is another club that has ended up in the eye of the storm, with its owner in the crosshairs Financial police And with the sale of the company closer than ever.

Maurizio City vs. Guardia di Finanza – OneFootball

Hellas Verona, City within reach of the Financial Police

Already last week, the Guardia di Finanza implemented a decree seizing Star Ball's shareholding, which is equivalent to 100% of Star Ball's shares.Hellas Verona As part of the investigation into possible fraudulent bankruptcy by Maurizio Cityhead of the Scala family.

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On the Tuttosport website, there is talk of a new scenario, which is selling the company. A note has appeared on Verona's website stating that the takeover is not related to the football club and is part of a series of skirmishes between City and businessman Gabriele Volpi, but the prospects of selling Hellas are becoming increasingly tangible.

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