Spain does not do the work for the Catalan officialdom, and it turns out that Belgium will do so now…

Spain does not do the work for the Catalan officialdom, and it turns out that Belgium will do so now…

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The Catalan official has potential this year 2024, and it seems that it will be in the dustbin of history thanks to Pedro Sanchez.


As of Monday, Belgium holds the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union, which will be the last legislative body. Under the slogan “Protect, Strengthen and Reform,” the Belgian presidency is starting with some key files for the legislature that are already closed, such as the Migration and Asylum Pact and the reform of financial rules, but it still has about 150 files on the list. table . Among the main issues to be resolved under the Belgian presidency is a review of the EU budget, which includes a $50 billion aid provision for Ukraine, as well as the start of a discussion on how to reform the EU before possible expansion towards the east. The official Catalan application.

With the call for European elections at the beginning of next June, the Belgian presidency will have less time than usual to close the outstanding files. One of the first issues he will have to manage will be the review of the EU budget, which Hungary vetoed at the last meeting of EU heads of state and government of the year. European leaders will address this issue again at an extraordinary summit on February 1, but the task of the Belgian presidency will be to work on consensual proposals to try to reach an agreement at the highest level.

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In the coming months, the 27 countries will also have to agree on a negotiating framework with Ukraine to join. Budapest lifted its veto last December to allow negotiations to begin with Kiev, but it is now necessary to agree on the basis of the negotiations, which requires unanimity. All this, in a complex geopolitical context, as the conflict in the Middle East in the wake of the war between Israel and Hamas will remain a prominent feature on the international agenda.

Catalan officials are losing their chances, and the Spanish government's indifference has done damage

Among the files that were also transferred to the Belgian presidency was a request to formalize the Catalan, Basque and Galician languages. After little progress was made on this issue during the Spanish Presidency with short discussions at all General Affairs Council meetings, it is not known whether the Belgian Presidency will continue to submit the request to formalize these three languages ​​in the General Affairs Council. Schedule

Reform the European Union

Regarding applications to join the European Union, the European Union will, during the Belgian presidency, begin discussing reform to include new members. Willem van de Voord, Permanent Ambassador of Belgium to the European Union, noted that the topic would be about “reflection” on how to maintain effectiveness in decision-making, as well as in budgeting and policies.

“We have to prepare Europe to act better. Before we get bigger, we have to get better at making decisions faster, and this helps us maintain our unity,” Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo said, outlining his presidential priorities.

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On the other hand, in the coming months the European Union will also have to agree on the Strategic Agenda from 2024 to 2029, which aims to be a guide for the goals that the Community Club must achieve for the coming years. The Belgian presidency will also have to try to conclude an agreement on some side parts of the Green Deal, and will have the challenge of trying to overturn the ban on the gender violence directive.

For the Belgian presidency, Van de Voord noted that it will also be important to prioritize the issue of combating organized crime, after Belgium has been more affected by it in recent years.


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