Fastweb announces eSIM: available from September 18

Fastweb announces eSIM: available from September 18

Fastweb It offers its products to the Italian market Electronic SIM cardThus adapting to the existing offering of key competitors including TIM, Vodafone, WindTre and iliad. The official announcement came after the support page containing the information was published on the official website How to purchase, activate and possibly replace an eSIM On your smartphone.

September 11

How it works


The telco first notes that the eSIM can be purchased exclusively in stores. This applies to

  • New customers: New Number or MNP
  • Already customers: Replace the SIM card


Activation is very simple: simply scan the QR code provided by Fastweb in the store (it is also always available in the MyFastweb customer area):

  • internal control Department: Settings > Cellular > Add Cellular Plan / Add eSIM > Scan the QR code
  • Android: Settings > Communications > Manage SIM cards / eSIM group > Add tariff plan > Scan the QR code


Fastweb notes that it is possible to replace your SIM card in the following cases:

  • theft/ Loss of smartphone
  • Change format: From SIM to eSIM and vice versa
  • Exceeded QR code download limit: You can use the QR code to Maximum 6 timesincluding the first activation, after which it will be necessary to order a new eSIM with a new QR code. 14.99 euros.

This last point is important, because it defines this It is not possible to “port” Fastweb eSIM to different devices indefinitely: After 6 times it is necessary to purchase a new QR code to activate another eSIM on your phone number. When you change your smartphone, you should always remember to “remove” (disconnect) the eSIM from the old device before linking it to the new one.

Update: ESIM Official Express Website: Available


Fastweb Officially announced on The first appearance of its eSIM: will be available From September 18 iIn all brand stores to new and existing customers with a compatible device.

  • New customers: Activate the eSIM
  • Already customers: Replace your old SIM card with an eSIM

Activation is done via the QR code available in the store and also available on the MyFastweb app.

  • QR code framing
  • Activate the eSIM profile
  • Active eSIM

It is possible to transfer an eSIM from one device to another Season before eSIM from old device. Next, you will have to activate the eSIM on the new device via a QR code. The same QR code can be used for Maximum 6 timesIncluding the first installation. If you exceed the limit, you will need to purchase a new eSIM. More information (including compatible smartphone models) is available at the link on VIA.

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