Eurospin sheer madness: find a smartphone for only € 14.99 that everyone can use | Run and get one before it’s gone

Eurospin sheer madness: find a smartphone for only € 14.99 that everyone can use |  Run and get one before it’s gone
Eurospin, the show that stunned everyone, what is it about? –

The big Eurospin is back on the talk about a product that will leave you speechless because of its price.

The offer is about a small mobile phone that can be useful in many cases. Now let’s see the details of the offer.

Eurospin never ceases to amaze, especially when it comes to offers. These days, in fact, the big company has debuted a very comfortable price list.

From small appliances to food deals, Eurospin is always on the lookout thanks to the many products it offers to consumers day in and day out.

Today the large food distribution chain offers us a product that can be useful in many situations, and which is distinguished, above all, by a very affordable cost.

Majestic Eurospin Dual SIM Phone

Today’s post suggests a gsm mobile phone equipped with camera that it color screen from 1.77″. Also equipped with connectivity bluetooth, this phone is an excellent compromise for those who intend to purchase a product that is not overly innovative and which allows to perform normal functions such as calls and sending/receiving text messages. operating system of Majestic TLF Lucky 55sIt is Windows Mobile 6.5 and has a memory that supports MicroSD up to 32GB. In the package you will find: USB-C charging and file transfer cable. The only reported negative drawback is the lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Majestic TLF Lucky 55s –

Technical Specifications

Now we come to the notable aspect: the pounds technical features that allow you to understand all the features of the product. As reported by the official Eurospin website, the main features include:

  • Brand Name: majestic;
  • color: black;
  • Technical details: GSM phone with back camera, file read, 3.5mm earphone input;
  • an offer: 1.77″ color;
  • memory: Micro SD up to 32GB;
  • OS: Windows Mobile 6.5;
  • Delivery: bluetooth, 2G;
  • Dimensions: 0.1 kg;
  • supplements: USB-C charging cable.
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In short, we are talking about a product that has a lot to offer especially for those who cannot handle advanced technology and therefore need a mobile phone that only serves to complete a few (and few) actions.

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