Apple will introduce new Macs on October 30 (at 1 am)! Here is the official invitation

Apple will introduce new Macs on October 30 (at 1 am)!  Here is the official invitation

Rumors of the last few days have made it a certainty and it didn’t take Apple long to come: Next October 30 (October 31 for Italy since the keynote will be at 1am) the Cupertino company will create a new event. It will likely focus on Macs and the new M3 chipset, as the event’s slogan has been named ”Scarily fast” That’s “frighteningly fast” which certainly refers to the speed of the new hardware M3 chips For new ones Mac And also to the fact that it will be Halloween.

Scary Quick: What to expect for this event?

As always with every invite from the Cupertino giant, we’re not sure what the announcements will be but it’s clear the real heroes will be Macs with the new M3 chipset. This is also confirmed Animated GIF Released by Apple which sees Apple’s invitation bite turn into a Mac Finder icon.

In this case, as rumors have mentioned several times, Apple would be ready to offer a renewed one iMac 24 inch With an introduction New M3 chip That is, the 3nm chipset that the company has already put on the market on the A17 Pro for the new iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max and which here will clearly see a Mac derivation, and not only because the company can also offer a new model of MacBook Pro (possibly still 13-inch) Which to insert M3 chips.

The choice to hold the event is strange In conjunction with the celebration Halloween But above all, choosing to do so at a time other than the usual time for previous events was strange. Yes, because the keynote, which will be exclusively online, that is, with a recorded video, will start at 3:00 pm 5pm PT or 5pm PT which for us equates to 1am on October 31st. The fact that the Halloween Party was available certainly worked in Apple’s favor, as it decided to take advantage of the party occasion that is very popular in the USA (and not only) and make it even more attractive with an important announcement for the company’s strategy. .

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At this point all that’s left is We will meet you next October 31 at 1 am For those who want to follow Apple news immediately, for others, you will obviously find all the announcements directly here on hardware upgrade.

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