Resentment against Sanchez

Resentment against Sanchez

Pedro Sanchez followed in the footsteps of Colombian President Gustavo Petro. Last January, Argentine President Javier Miley declared in an interview that the Colombian president is “a communist killer who is destroying his country.” On January 27, the Colombian government withdrew its ambassador from Buenos Aires, Camilo Romero, who subsequently returned to the Argentine capital.

But Miley attacked again in a television interview at the end of March. “The massacre in Venezuela is really unheard of, just like the prison island in Cuba. So, there are other cases on the way to… right? Like the Colombia case with Mr. Petro, let’s talk about it.” Well, you can’t expect much from someone who was a terrorist killer, right?

The Colombian government again withdrew its ambassador and expelled resident Argentine diplomats.

But in this interview, Miley also took aim at Mexico’s president, Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, about whom he said: “Having an ignorant person like Lopez Obrador talk bad about me makes me proud.”

What is the thread that unites the crusade against Petro, Lopez Obrador and Sanchez? The answer: Benjamin Netanyahu’s government. In all three cases, Miley points out the contradictions between the three cases and the Israeli attack on Gaza.

“Everything he does falls within the rules of the game,” he declared in this televised interview in late March. “Israel does not commit any violations.” At that time it did not include Sanchez.

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But the occasion was not long in coming when Alejandro Abascal, leader of the Vox party, told him in the first week of May of the words uttered at an internal meeting of the PSOE in Salamanca by Minister Oscar Puente, who revealed the skills of leaders like Miley or Trump who communicate Because of their spontaneity. “Do you remember when he came out, I don’t know in what condition before taking it or after taking it, I don’t know what substances. I said it was impossible for him to win the election, and today he dug a hole. Well no,” he pointed out.

On the same day, May 4, the Office of the President of the Argentine Republic issued a statement noting that Pedro Sánchez’s administration had more important problems to deal with, “such as the corruption charges that fall on his shoulders.” “His wife, which prompted him to consider his resignation.”

But on May 6, government spokesman Manuel Adorni clarified that the confrontation was “over” and “there was no need for escalation.” But the mention of Sánchez’s wife in the official statement reflects reality: Abascal-Melli’s campaign against Sánchez, under the name Begonia Gomez, was already on the road map.

In other words: the topic of Begonia Gomez will be part of Miley’s lyrics during his impressive participation in the launch event of European far-right leaders 9J’s election campaign, on May 19.

Steel for Gaza

No less important is that Sanchez was crucified for his line in Gaza, that is, repeatedly indicating his doubts about compliance with international humanitarian law.

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Vox has always had the support of the Israeli Embassy in Madrid. On this occasion, at the Vox event in Festivalgari, sponsored by the European far right, the Israeli government sent the Minister of Diaspora and Combating Anti-Semitism, Amichai Shekel.

Last weekend, the minister declared Pedro Sanchez “one of the worst political leaders in the world.” He explained that he even considered it “responsible” that there would be “more casualties” in Gaza and that the release of hostages would be delayed, due to initiatives such as recognition of a Palestinian state in the short term.

Historian Felipe Begna, who spent a few days in Madrid to present his book “Los mitos de la historia Argentina”, believes it is entirely plausible that Maile and Abascal could have agreed on a line of attack on Begonia Gomez.

“Miley is an agitator. He pretends to be the leader of the global far right. The impact of the things he says in the international press is immediate. I wouldn’t really be surprised if there is a division of labor between Miley and Abascal. The issue of President Sanchez’s wife will be taken up by the Argentine president,” Pegna points out.

By transferring the skirmishes to the diplomatic sphere, Sánchez will benefit from the circus in the face of his appearance tomorrow in the Chamber of Deputies, where he intends to speak out for his wife and defend her against the accusations of the PP. Now the issue has another dimension.

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