Tony Espadas of Sabadell was killed while working in Ethiopia

Tony Espadas of Sabadell was killed while working in Ethiopia

Sabadelli Tony Swords He was killed on Monday, May 20, the victim of an attack while working at Ethiopia. Chilean media revealed this news Channel 13Which talks about a “complex incident” that is being investigated. Espadas was in the African country recording the show Partners all over the world For the production company MkZeta. the External work department from Generalitat Receive confirmation of the event from Ministry of Foreign Affairs On the part of the Spanish government, and now the two administrations are trying to clarify the details of the tragic news, according to what the British newspaper “Daily Mail” reportedCatalan News Agency (ACN).

The accident involving Espadas could have occurred when he was returning with other people from the recording day. The same Chilean sources indicate that the team that was attacked was not attacked by the visiting tribe. The Chilean media adds that the drivers and the rest of the team members in the program they were implementing are in good health and will immediately return to Chile.

He added: “We at Channel 13 deeply regret Tony’s death, and from afar we send all our support to his family.” He presses The historical broker founded in Chile in 1959.

Tony Espadas was a well-known travel photographer with a career and experience in the sector focused on responsible tourism. He was the director and founder of the company Rift Valley Expeditions, which is based on the corner of Barcelona Road with Carrer d’Alemanya de Sabadell, specialized first in road planning for Ethiopia and then for various African countries. In addition, he founded the company in 1995 vertexof equipment for outdoor activities.

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mayor of sabadell, Marta KnightOn Monday evening, she posted a message on the social media network The official spokesman for the municipal group DERC, Gabriel Fernandezused the same platform to convey “all our solidarity, love and condolences” to the Sabadelian family and friends.

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