Here is the denial of “The Times”.

Here is the denial of “The Times”.

Even Tgcom24, like many other newspapers, believed in the veracity of the news reported by the London newspaper. But we were wrong. In fact, The Times denied this news. Today we also apologize to you.

The pilot is not “stealth”

– The London newspaper reported that the news of the death of the “ghost” was confirmed by the Ukrainian authorities, explaining that the pilot hero is actually Stepan Tarabalka. The pilot actually died in the war on March 13, leaving behind his wife Olinia and son Yarik. But he is not the legendary “stealth”, the owner of the story of the downing of 40 Russian planes. And after the rains of denial arrived, the Times ran for cover: the title of its article was “Phantom of Kyiv dies in battle after 40 Russian planes are shot down.” “The Kyiv Phantom is alive in all the pilots fighting for Ukraine, says the Air Force.”

The death of Tarabalka and the Ukrainian authorities

– On the other hand, the Tarabalka case has been talked about for weeks. When the news of his death was announced, on March 25, at that time by comparing his name with the identity of the “ghost”, the adviser to the Ukrainian President Oleksiy Aristovich immediately refused. The death of the pilot was reported by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine without mentioning any connection with the legendary figure.

Ukrainian reporter: “Ghost is a legend”

– Finally, following the news of the “Times”, war correspondent Ilya Ponomarenko of the “Kyiv Independent” posted his denial on Twitter with a statement from the Ukrainian army calling for an end to the hoaxes on the “stealth”, which is and remains a myth, “Picture of pilots in a brigade Aviation 40 of the Air Force”, who protect the city. This particular “photo” inspired The Times to get the new headline.

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