“That woman is mentally ill. He’s not my type »- Corriere.it

“That woman is mentally ill. He’s not my type »- Corriere.it
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Former President Donald Trump angrily insulted her and threatened to sue a columnist who accused him of raping her in a department store in the 1990s.

A mentally ill liar who went so far as to say she enjoyed being raped. These are some of the statements he made Donald Trump testifies under oath regarding allegations made against him by E.J. Carrollwoman who accuses him of raping her in the mid-nineties In the dressing room of a Manhattan department store. A New York federal court judge admitted the complaint and set the first hearing for April

The trails, which were revealed yesterday, are part of the October Deposition, and last five and a half hours, as part of a lawsuit brought by the columnist. The remarks were made public after a federal judge denied a request by Trump’s lawyer to keep them secret. “She said I did something to her that never happened. There was none. I don’t know about this crazy woman.” The excerpt reveals a contentious fight between Trump and Carroll’s attorney Roberta Kaplan, who cross-examined him when Trump fired the former Elle columnist and author A “total scam” in which she describes rape while “he was promoting a really bad book”.

In the statement, Trump repeats that he does not know Carroll and accuses her of making up the rape story. “I don’t know her. I think she’s sick and mentally ill.” The ex-boss said the ex-boss went so far as to say that Carol declared in a CNN interview that she loved sexual assault. When asked about the lawsuit, the former president angrily hurled insults and threatened to sue the columnist. “I will sue you when this is all over, I can’t wait.” Trump said she knew it wasn’t politically correct to say “she’s not my type” when she responded to the allegations shortly after the publication of Carroll’s 2019 book. The author claimed she was attacked by Trump in the locker room after they met. Chance at the store and agrees to help him pick out lingerie for a friend. During the deposition, Trump stressed that she had said in an interview that she enjoyed being raped. “Actually, I think he said it was sexy, right? She said it was too sexy to be raped. Didn’t he say that?”

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