Ukraine, Commissioner for Human Rights in Kyiv: “Zelensky gave the order to expel me in order to collect my data. It is a totalitarian country”

Ukraine, Commissioner for Human Rights in Kyiv: “Zelensky gave the order to expel me in order to collect my data. It is a totalitarian country”

“I just learned that the decision was made on the orders of President Zelensky kick me out tomorrow. According to my information, the President’s office is not happy with the active stance regarding data collection on Violation of human rights in the occupied territories.” This was announced at a press conference Lyudmila Denisova, Commissioner for Human Rights of the Verkhovna Rada (Kyiv Parliament), the Ukrainian equivalent of our Ombudsman. Since the beginning of the war, Denisova has been updating the media with the attacks of the Russians against her defenseless citizens And the civilian targets In the areas under the control of Moscow. He stated hours ago on his private channel on Telegram that the bombs and missiles on the mines were forced to close the largest of them. salt product from the country.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives told me that the procedure for my dismissal would be as follows: After collecting the signatures of the representatives, the motion shall be analyzed by the House. They assured me that I would be able to speak during the HRC session and express my position“He reports now. However – he argues – in the recall procedure, there are some Contradictions and violations of five articles of the constitution. I will of course accept any decision made by MEPs, whether it is distrust or support, but this reminds me a bit of one totalitarian state. And it must be remembered that our law is directed towards Europe, where the law applies,” he attacks. “How did you know? I receive message on the phone In which it was said: “Dear parliamentarians, we suggest that you vote because of the lack of confidence in the commissioner,” he said.

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In 2020 – he adds – 47 thousand people 67,000 called my office in 2021, and today (in 2022, so) we already have More than 60,000 requests for help. This means that trust in the Commissioner’s office has increased. I have held 68 meetings with international institutions in these three months to make people understand the crimes committed by the Russian Federation in Ukraine. I have already talked about forced deportations and liquidation camps on the border between Russia and Estonia before the invasionBecause on February 18 many of our compatriots were deported from the occupied territories of Russia.

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