Removed an Instagram photo and 3 words about Eleonore

Removed an Instagram photo and 3 words about Eleonore

Jaime del Burgo It remains a mystery within a mystery wrapped in hieroglyphs. He is The wanted person In Spain in the year 2024. All the documents he is hiding could blow Zarzuela from the ground up. But because the press works to silence, censor, and hide this news, documentation is scarce. Queen Letizia's lover is not naive: he is Billionair, The son of a big fish from the Popular Party of the time, Aznar, the first president of Navarre. The former son-in-law of King Felipe, according to Letizia's cousin, is a genius who lives in luxury in a penthouse worth 3 million euros in the upper district of Madrid, where he dined with Kings Felipe and Letizia. Del Burgo insults the press working to silence him using a common tool like Twitter or Instagram. The photo of Letizia on the toilet wearing a pashmina was viewed by 26 million people in one day, the famous D-Day, December 3, 2023, when it all exploded. And now all of Spain knows it Letizia and del Burgo were lovers At least two years, that is Felipe became very nervous. TV3, two months late, dares to paint it as it is, The bathing king:

Felipe showers with Letizia in Poland, TV3

Del Burgo is preparing his autobiography, And nothing but the truth, which he will edit and self-publish < this year if nothing strange happens. He receives all kinds of pressure. Del Borgo himself has warned that he has been receiving death threats, that the CIA has entered his house looking for documents and that he keeps them all in a Swiss bank vault where they have orders to publish everything if anything happens to him, lest I "kill him". But for the first time, the brave Del Burgo does so Step backHe removed a photo from Instagram. It would be because of the threats he receives, but EN Blau can exclusively reveal that of the 11 posts he uploaded a week ago, on January 23, he deleted one: the last. Who said exactly? “A father and his son”. Del Burgo made an aggressive gesture, showing his fist and a photo of his daughter first.

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Jaime del Burgo shows off his fist on Instagram

Del Burgo specifically deleted these photos, a photo of his fist fighting with Zarzuela and one of many he posted on Instagram with him I. del Borgo, her daughter. Did he receive threats against the girl? No, she has many other pictures of the blue-eyed blonde, as a child or more, 4 years old. The key to the post clearing it up are the three words that mean so much more. “A father and his son”. Sectors of the extreme right have arrived He questioned Eleanor's paternity He hinted that the princess might be del Burgo's daughter. In this context, talk A father and his son They make Felipe tremble. Del Burgo has agreed to remove this post, just this post, but keep it Many pictures of AlUla Like these others:

Two and two make four: If the problem is not with the photos of the girl but with the phrase “padre e hija,” it is that Del Burgo receives threats for insinuating that Eleonor is not Felipe's daughter. If there was a way to indict the monarchy it is this: conduct a DNA test on Eleonore W She's someone else's daughter. Then the crown will not run to Sofia or Froilan: Disappears. Even Del Burgo, who dares to do everything, could not keep the position. It has been removed, do not remove it first.

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