“With 120 kilograms …” Mina today arrives the sensational slip about the singer

“With 120 kilograms …” Mina today arrives the sensational slip about the singer

For many years there has been much talk about the alleged rivalry between Iva Zanicchi and Mina. Both are considered true icons of local music and perhaps it is precisely because they are both talented and well-liked that the animosity that would see them “clash” has been rife for a long time.

For a few days, this supposed hostility has been highlighted again by some VAT returns. His words angered the web and users flocked to social networks to express their solidarity with Mina. You only need to read the comments left by netizens to understand that this time Zanicchi made a mistake.

Mina and Eva Zanicki “Friends Enemy?”

Zanicchi in the last few hours is the absolute protagonist of gossip. In fact, the criticism overshadowed the singer in spite of herself, Eva allowed herself to go to some statements about Mina and the social media owners did not like it at all.

His statements generated such resentment that many distanced themselves from what he said. But why all the fuss? Eva expressed her personal opinion, but netizens obviously didn’t like it, who pointed fingers at her, accusing her of being disrespectful and insensitive. But what did he say?

in old age 82 years old Iva Zanicchi remains one of the most popular interpreters on the Italian music scene. A woman of lively intelligence and charismatic personality, Iva is also appreciated for her wit and empathy as well as her talent and ability to excite an audience. Even today, he enjoys the affection and respect of millions of Italians who adore his powerful voice and his ability to command the stage.

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Also appreciated by many on the small screen, over the years Iva has also played the role of TV presenter and commentator, and despite achieving great successes in all the areas in which she has ventured, there have been criticisms at times.

Zanicchi is a spontaneous woman who is not afraid to say it, but her sincerity in communication is sometimes misinterpreted, which is why some accuse her of being tactless and being too blunt.

Overwhelmed by Eva Zanicchi’s criticism, words about Mina anger the web

Criticisms leveled recently, the singer has actually disappointed many after some of the statements she made on royal. Here’s what happened.

For a long time many assumed that there was a not-so-subtle rivalry between Iva Zanicchi and Mina that over the years would have led to real enmity. A short time ago, Zanicchi clarified this rumor precisely in this regard.

Guest at Verissimo studio, Canale 5 talk conducted by Silvia Toffanin, Zanicchi also spoke about the relationship with Mina, leaving a certain rivalry between them. “It’s the best of all because it’s musical, but She has no bass – said the singer – Milva did not have an orgasm, so there is Eva who has them all! “ . A ridiculous comment in which many saw a certain disappointment. Now, after some time, their rivalry is being talked about again.

a video In the past few hours, he has bounced quickly from one social network to another because, as mentioned, Zanicchi’s words are not liked by users at all. “Mina I love you even if you get a little rubbish sometimes. Never come again, because I want to fantasize about you, think about how you were 40-50 years ago ”- Eva began.

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He then continued, “Now they tell me you’re beautiful, though With 120 kilos you will stay there in Lugano. don’t really show, For the legend lingers to me, and perhaps if I saw it up close a little thing might disappoint me. It’s Madonna but you better stay there.”

Eva Zanici on Mina Newsby

These were joking words, but despite Eva’s apparent benevolence, many criticized her harshly, accusing her of being inappropriate and out of place, especially with reference to Mina’s weight.

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