Branco Tower Weekend February 18-20, 2022, all signs


Today is the day when you can have positive economic and emotional opportunities as long as you let yourself out of your inner awareness and put yourself in the shoes of others. the love: Today is a day when you should worry about helping someone close to you who needs your comfort and love. work: Today you can take care of your comfort and take care of your personal well-being. Leave your emotional swings behind. the changes: Today is the time when you need to keep your emotions safe to avoid the discomfort of bullshit.


This is a particularly good day to approach love affairs with an open mind to what they have to tell you. Your intuition and emotion will do the rest to make you feel closer and understood. the love: You are in a moment to give your affection with your hands full and without looking at past misunderstandings. work: You can use your creativity in an inspiring way as long as you maintain emotional balance. the changes: The most important thing is that you are your way of following your projects with friends.


Today you will have a special day to keep calm and intuitively feel for others. This will give you confidence to act with them in a fair and balanced manner. the love: It will be a day when you can express your affection while leaving behind emotional misunderstandings of other past eras. work: Today is the day of maintaining serenity and calm as a family and as a person. the changes: It will be a day when you can take care of organizing your goals. For this he tries to have serenity and calm.

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Today is a good day to maintain closeness and open dialogue with your partner or people related to you. You should be guided by your sixth sense to avoid unnecessary friction. the love: You can take advantage of the day to clear turbulent situations and let go of those feelings ingrained in the past that make it hard for you to feel fulfilled. work: It is interesting to speed things up, always with the supervision that there is a good atmosphere and balance. the changes: It’s time to bring out your dreams and plans in a calm atmosphere so they can move on.


Today will be a lucky day to deal with your business and financial issues in the right way if you pay attention to your thoughts. the love: It is the time when you are on the right path to give your affection and avoid the lopsided moments of unresolved feelings. work: Take advantage of this day to address professional issues of affection and understanding towards others. the changes: You will be able to take an interest in playing and displaying your skills calmly and patiently.


Today is a very specific day when you should maintain serenity and take care of holding meetings and meetings with people with whom you make agreements. Consent is important at all times to avoid friction. the love: It is a day to take over your relationships at any level and leave behind misunderstood misunderstandings. work: It is the day of launching new initiatives in an atmosphere of harmony and unity. the changes: It’s time to make important agreements with the people you love and in a balanced environment.


Today is the day when you feel cool animation and a desire to help others. Your closeness and goodwill will do the rest. Your luck will come from your big heart. the love: Today you will be able to deepen the rapprochement with loved ones with whom you want to solve outstanding problems. work: Today will be a day to use your perceptions and tackle problems with clarity and harmony. the changes: It is a day when you need to rest and avoid feelings that cloud your senses and way of thinking. More information …

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The scorpion

Today is a day to lift your spirits and avoid overthinking the past. Your great luck will come from the big heart that you show to people who need you and who are close to you. the love: It is a day when you will feel that others are giving you their attention and affection, if you have carved this moment out of a suitable past for it. work: You will be able to use your ability to create and implement new initiatives and projects. It is important that the weather is pleasant. the changes: You will have a very relaxing day if you can get rid of emotional misunderstandings.


Today will be a day when you feel the need to organize your goals efficiently. And for this, a planned and focused foundation on balance and affection will be the main thing. the love: Your main task today will be to shine or help others. If you put yourself in their shoes it will be easier. work: Today you will be lucky enough to highlight your goals if it is accompanied by calm and empathy. the changes: You will be able to lay the foundations of your family and career in an atmosphere of peace and quiet. Avoid excessive judgments.


You should focus on professional issues and how you perceive how to behave in special situations and challenges that arise during this day. the love: It is a day to enjoy a good atmosphere and plan a pleasant and satisfying trip. work: It is a day when your new ideas can be implemented while maintaining joy and good mood. the changes: It is a time when it is important to reach agreements and avoid misunderstandings on issues of the past.

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Today is a special day when you will focus on your main relationship. Because if this is good, then everything else will become like silk. The basics at home are very important to you. the love: You are on a day when you need to agree in advance on how to implement matters of common inheritance and legacies. work: You are in for a fun time to intensify relationships and get to know close people. Make sure the atmosphere is nice. the changes: You have to take care of embodying your actions, so as to balance your feelings and sing your soul.


Today you will be able to present your initiatives in a wise and effective manner at the same time. You should feel great joy for the new energy and personal thoughts that you will quietly display. the love: It will be a day when you can solve long-standing emotional issues. work: It is a day when you must firmly agree on fruitful agreements for all, in a friendly atmosphere. the changes: You are facing a day when it is important to maintain vitality, but always calm and emotional harmony.

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