Second place for Peña Cadet

Second place for Peña Cadet

Cadet A de la Penya level at the Sant Vicenç de Montalt International Championship. Hector Sanchez's team won the group stage in Gran Canaria, Manresa and Partizan, finishing first in the group.

In the final match of the tournament, the green and black team met Barcelona, ​​one of the best European matches to be seen from the 2008 generation this year. A very even final match, as both teams had electronic advantages, but it ultimately fell to the Blaugrana due to individual actions.

A great tournament to see future stars in the world of basketball.

Neil Buzza:

La Peña Base (Neil Boza), despite being a championship for the 2008 generation (Second Year Cadet), is one year younger than the rest. He was selected in the five-member group for the tournament. The only one who is part of the youth. He is distinguished by his vision of the game and his intelligence on the field.

Peña's first team coach, Carles Duran, will attend the final and will express the following in response to the question about his opinion of Nel Boza: “The good thing about Nel is that he always plays for others. He still comes out in the important matches. He is a special boy. He makes his teammates The team is better, and that's the best thing about the goalkeeping position.

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