Barbara D’Urso away from Mediaset? The obvious answer

Barbara D’Urso away from Mediaset?  The obvious answer

Barbara D’Urso He will really leave mediaset? In recent days, the news has become increasingly pressing, in light of a series of rumors that TvBlog has relaunched. But is this really his destiny?

The subject directly answered this and many other questions in a recent interview for Gente magazine. In this regard, d’Urso was terse, but at the same time she did not respond in a clear manner as one might expect from her. “Anything can always happen with me, I’m a woman of surprises”These are his words!

Indeed, it is an answer that opens different horizons and leaves room for important doubts. If Barbara d’Urso wanted to express her love and loyalty to the company that has seen her rule in recent years, she would have responded with “no” dry. Instead, Barbarella, on the contrary, hinted that another career path, in her future (near or long term) is still possible.

In Gente, in fact, Barbara d’Urso also continues to emphasize the recent important results that her main broadcast (in fact, her only broadcast so far) on Mediaset scores. Here is the host’s comment:

“I do Afternoon 5, which scores excellent reviews every day, Theatre, the Amiche mie podcast, which was very successful and we’re going to do season two, and then Metadurso.”

Does Barbara D’Urso go to Rai? Here is where it could end

It was said that the Cologno-Monzese loyalist might soon turn competitive, leaving Milan for company in Viale Mazzini. But in what dress? It doesn’t seem like, at least for now, she’s expected to have as prominent a role as she’s had for so long at Mediaset. On the contrary, TvBlog talked about his possible imminent passage to Rai Uno as a permanent juror for a show like Dancing with the stars.

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Millie Carlucci is currently working on the new version of the show (it looks like he’s already been contacted Antonio Caprica As a competitor) and it seems that durso may be a possible replacement for Wild Lucarelli. The prospect of the brilliant journalist leaving the jury for Landau is increasingly palpable (we’ve been talking about her for months): the production seems to be considering putting her in her place, and d’Urso, too. Luisella Costamagna and “monster” Francesca Fanani. At least for now, anyway, these are simple rumors to be taken with the necessary pliers.

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