Ramzan Kadyrov, the Chechen “butcher” arrives at the Ukrainian front to help Putin- Corriere.it

Ramzan Kadyrov, the Chechen “butcher” arrives at the Ukrainian front to help Putin- Corriere.it
to Guido Olympio

The bloodthirsty Chechen leader claimed in a video on the Internet that he was close to Kyiv: his militiamen were supposed to kill Zelensky, but he lost dozens of men in the Battle of Hostomil.

Ramzan Kadyrov is comfortable among the dead and even more than that Along with Vladimir Putin. So it is possible that The Chechen dictator arrived on the battlefield to coordinate his unit in Ukraine. The leader appeared in a video on the Telegram channel as the leader. Put on camouflage clothes, maybe branded shoes of great Italian fashion, Willing to discuss next moves with unit commanders stand on line In the Hostomel . region. “The other day we were about 20 kilometers away from you Nazis“Now we are closer,” he said, urging enemies to surrender or “we will destroy you.”

Words of a brutal, bloodthirsty character, faithful executor of the orders of the tsar. At the moment there are no confirmations of its existence The Kremlin preferred to say that it had no information. A phrase that leaves open any hypothesis about a character who loves to be the center of attention, is not afraid of excesses, is good for all seasons of the Kremlin. In fact, the short web is an operational and propaganda dual role. The first is connected with the pressure of the Russian forces in the direction of the capital. The second is to reinforce the soldiers after the losses they have incurred in recent weeks. The path on which Kadyrov set out, is always ready to “defend the interests of Russia”, which is also his own.

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Gathering in the square

At the beginning of the special operation IThe president attended a street rally with hundreds of Kadyrovsky’s militiamen.Offer to accompany the news of dispatching 10,000 men to the side of the army. forefront. Because, as he thundered himself, 70,000 are ready. Statements followed by photos of a military column taken on the ground after the invasionAlways emphasizing a direct commitment is not without surprises. Dozens of people were killed in one of the departments as a result of the TB2 drone strike (Turkish production) and the attack of the local special forces. Among the officers’ victims.

The pro-Russian regime denied the opposite in all areas. The tyrant replied: We only had two victims, trying to minimize the effect. But a long time ago, the battle in the Hostomel area intensified, to the detriment of everyone. Kadyrov, as some voice messages were passed to BBCAnd the He was one of the few who had known for months what was going to happen. In the dialogues – which are difficult to verify – Number One discusses with his officer preparations for war, goals, and concerns about backlash among the ranks. There are explicit references to meetings with the Russians for coordination. Participation reflected in the constant support of Grozny to Moscow.

As Neil Hauer pointed out, Chechnya is a model that the Kremlin wants to reproduce – Taking into account the differences – on Ukrainian soil. In addition, militia elements took part in the decisive intervention in Syria, first participating in the clashes, and then performing the tasks of the military police. The role they could play by simply occupying the main positions. Perhaps they will also have to deal with the Chechen allies of Ukraine not from today. Hauer also recalls the existence of two anti-Russian formations, the Sheikh Mansour Brigade and the Dudayev Brigade, whose commander Adam Osmayev was attacked in Kyiv in 2017, where his wife died. The couple took part in the conflict in the Donbass.

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Ambushes are another specialty of KadyrovFew of the opponents abroad were not liquidated. was his team He was charged with liquidating Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky And pick up other executives. The customers were also said to have decks of cards depicting wanted men, imitation of What did the Americans do when they chased Saddam Hussein’s closest collaborators in Iraq. Perhaps the story of the secret plan is just a “rumour”, the essence of which does not change: when Moscow calls the tyrant he executes.

Syrian volunteers

more torture The case of the Syrian “volunteers”., which is a component in which unverifiable news is traded. A report mentions 400 people in the Rostov region, while Russian television instead showed the recruitment in Syria, Deir Ezzor region, an operation run by Hossam Katerji, a somewhat influential leader. Until a few days ago American sources had warned of the massive influx of Arab mercenaries While analysts seemed unconvinced, believing that Moscow would not need it and that it might backfire. If they get serious it won’t take long to find out.

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