“The death penalty for a British war crime”

“The death penalty for a British war crime”

the government Russian It has allocated more than 970 million rubles ($17 million) to distribute national flags and symbols to thousands of rural schools as part of the National Education Plan. It is a pity that, as the Moscow Times noted, 5,500 establishments do not even have toilets. and the war to meUkraine Conducted by the Kremlin: Internal Propaganda and Battlefield Pressure. Effective despite the stiff resistance of Kyiv, which is collapsing: weakened on several fronts, and Donbass It gives way and the soldiers are about to run out of ammunition. “We are losing,” admits the deputy head of the Ukrainian Military Intelligence, Vadim Skipetsky.

Kyiv now relies almost exclusively on Western weapons to counter Russia. “This is an artillery war – explains Skibitsky in an interview with the Guardian -. Ukraine has one in 10-15 artillery pieces belonging to the Russians. Our Western partners have given us about 10% of what they have, we have almost exhausted all our bullets, and now we are using the 155th NATO caliber. Now everything is conditioned by what the West offers us.” The first to respond were France and Great Britain. Paris “is ready to take part in the operation” to “open the port of Odessa,” filters from the Elysee Palace, British Defense Minister Ben Wallace met yesterday with President Volodymyr Zelensky and his colleague Oleksiy Reznikov to discuss the possibility of sending “new weapons.” In the name of “a common goal: to allow Ukraine to liberate itself from illegal Russian occupation.”

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The diplomatic solution is still nailed into verbal skirmishes, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov asserts that Moscow “is open to dialogue, but the tango requires two, while our Western partners have so far danced breakdance alone.” Regarding the death sentence issued against the three soldiers (British and Moroccan), it was stated: “The trials were conducted on the basis of the laws of the Donetsk People’s Republic because the crimes in question were committed in that region.”

For UN Human Rights Office spokesperson Ravina Shamdasani, “Such trials of prisoners of war amount to a war crime, since 2015 we have noted that the so-called judiciary in these so-called republics did not respect the basic guarantees of a fair process.” Precisely in the area between the republics of Donetsk, Luhansk and Donbass, the two armies face each other in the decisive confrontation. The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, citing UNIAN, reported that the Russian militias are achieving partial success in the Donetsk region by uniting on the occupied lines, while the battle continues in the Severodonetsk stronghold. He declared in his daily report that “the enemy units tried to carry out offensive operations towards the settlements of Nyrkiv and Mykolaivka, but the Kyiv army counterattacked them, forcing them to withdraw and with losses.”

President Zelensky, despite the difficulties on the ground, warns the Russians that they will not lead an easy life: “Severodonetsk, Lychansk and other cities of the Donbass, which the occupiers now regard as primary targets, still stand.” According to the head of the Lugansk Regional Military Administration, Sergey Gaidai, Moscow aims to capture the entire territory by June 12, the date of Russia Day.

Meanwhile, the Kremlin is “preparing the ground for the annexation” of the Kherson region to the Russian Federation, “waiting for the right moment to do so,” emphasized the US representative to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Michael Carpenter. The assembly, “important because it allows contact between Crimea and Donbass”, could be carried out by referendum or at the request of pro-Russian elements to Moscow. Kherson is the “laboratory” of the attempt to assimilate Ukraine into Russia. Violently: In the district, 600 people are “held in special basements that actually function as torture rooms and are located in the district’s administrative building or in School No. 17.” The Internet was sabotaged, the ruble was introduced, and schools adopted Russian programs. Those who try to raise their heads are arrested, interrogated and tortured. His fate is deportation to Russia or death.

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