March 23, 2023

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Ghostwire Tokyo, we tested the first two chapters of Bethesda horror on PS5 and PC

We experienced Ghostwire Tokyo, Bethesda’s new horror for PS5 and PC, a delirious journey between Shinto ectoplasm and mediocre Super Saiyan.

It is ghostly and silent Tokyo, imprisoned in an eternal and milky night, the one that welcomed us to playing Ghostwire Tokyo. However, the Japanese capital does not abandon the neon lights, on the huge screens which, no matter how death walks the streets below, continue to illuminate what is now a kind of Shinto purgatory.

Let’s discover the new Bethesda horror on PS5 and PC in our region Tried by Ghostwire Tokyo.


Ghostwire Tokyo: Expect ghosts and demonic characters of all kinds, all straight from Shinto mythology

Tango Gameworks’ new adventure has a unique charisma. L ‘Imaginary Prepared by the team instantly confuses you, as soon as you start the game, and in a few hours, slips you into the most mysterious and strange situations in trading. Commercial cats, cats navigating corners, hidden raccoons, phone booths enchanted by mystery and technology, demons that hold onto let us soar over city rooftops, discovering temples and magical crumbs. Finally, the vertical descent into the bowels of Tokyo and the vertigo climbing among the highest skyscrapers, in the pouring rain or the most demonic moon.

Ghostwire Tokyo teases and confuses, and continues to do so throughout the first introductory chapter and a good part of the second, when we can begin to explore the city freely. It is exactly at this point that everything hilarious mechanics Present themselves for what they are: exceptional open-world elements that are somewhat classic. It’s not clearly mentioned, but Ghostwire Tokyo is just an open world, and there’s no shortage of typical components like main missions, side quests, and collectibles of all kinds. If you can’t stand that kind of gameplay structure anymore, Ghostwire Tokyo won’t make you change your mind. The hard part is letting go of its strange surroundings, as well as its potentially devastating combat system.

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Ghostwire Tokyo: Unsurprisingly, the funniest and most terrifying parts are set inside.
Ghostwire Tokyo: Unsurprisingly, the funniest and most terrifying parts are set inside.

In this preview, we can only talk to you first two chapters The game, and to tell the truth, we haven’t gone so far as to really know how Ghostwire Tokyo will go, and how its gameplay will eventually evolve.

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So far, the basis for Play Victory and persuasion seem to replace them, while also recalling between the lines two great games from the past, which are no coincidence either in first-person or developed in Japan: Goichi Suda’s Killer 7 (and Mikami’s!) and Future Breakdown of Namco, from 2004 and 2005 respectively, although Ghostwire Tokyo’s combat system is mostly long-range, it can also get very physical, with many strikes and finishing moves that require some getting close to the enemy to be really effective.

Ghostwire: Tokyo - Exclusive on (with metal label) - Day 1 -
Amazon Show

Amazon Show

Ghostwire: Tokyo – Exclusive on (with metal label) – Day 1 –

Program Basics Fighting They are in four different forces: wind, fire, and water, plus our magical bow. The wind force is the first we will have and like the other three it allows two different shots: one instant and one charged which will fire one or more bullets at the same time towards the target. A shot charged with the power of water is more useful to a group of enemies in the vicinity, due to the effectiveness of a liquid blade that like Sonic Boom will sweep away anyone you meet on the road; Whereas the charged power of fire replaces deadly fireballs with an area blast that is often indecisive.

The wind force It is less powerful than water and fire, but it is also the one in which we can store more ammunition. In Ghostwire Tokyo, ammo can be collected in two different ways: by hitting some of the commonly used objects you own, or during combat but only with perfect melee moves and parades, the latter can be implemented through a psychological armor that can be activated at will using left doral.

ammo and energy

Ghostwire Tokyo: While it turns out to be a classic open-world game, Tango's gameplay will still be exceptional.
Ghostwire Tokyo: While it turns out to be a classic open-world game, Tango’s gameplay will still be exceptional.

More attentive will have already understood that this scheme serves to give a certain dynamism to the battles, with constant and risky sorties to store ammunition, in order to return afterwards to safer positions. Then there is another element to consider, both to keep the ammo reserve high and to maximize experience points gain: Soul purification We can do it on an enemy when his essence eventually becomes visible through continuous attacks. When this is revealed, he can be dealt a fatal blow or a purification ritual can be performed to convert him into experience points and ammo, but if we fail to do anything, he will regain all of his original strength.

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The cleansing ritual takes a few seconds to complete (but can be performed on multiple targets simultaneously if they are close), and although it can still move very slowly, during this stage we will be at the mercy of most enemies. Fortunately, it is possible to reduce the execution time and unlock an instant ritual that is practical but only doable by hand. To change the different powers, you can use the touch screen of DualSenseIt is used here with precision and with good results.

Shibuya Moon Amor

Ghostwire Tokyo: The torii portals are used to remove fog from the map, and will be purified with a ritual that is repeated on the tactile portion of the board
Ghostwire Tokyo: The torii portals are used to remove fog from the map, and will be purified with a ritual that is repeated on the tactile portion of the board

Not all fights take place between the streets or rooftops of Tokyo, here are cut out to present us with the lonely Shibuya, and some will transport us to a parallel world that operates in Ghostwire Tokyo as a sort of Soul Square Where we will be called to face a predetermined number of waves, before our freedom is restored. Despite everything, some of the duels seemed a bit static, but the new abilities could radically improve the situation.

how to Side Missions, where among those tested there are some very beautiful, but others indicate a violent fluctuation in quality. The one we loved the most, which also matches what we loved most about Ghostwire Tokyo, is the same one that introduced us to a haunted apartment in search of one of these strange Shinto spirits that inhabit the game. These are the missions that make you understand that inside a game like Ghostwire Tokyo you can hide the thirty-minute Fatal Frame, the hour-long Evil Inside, but did Tango Gameworks have the foresight and possibility? We still don’t know how to answer this.

spooky technique

Ghostwire Tokyo: The game is very impressive graphically, but it lacks optimization
Ghostwire Tokyo: The game is very impressive graphically, but it lacks optimization

Another doubt catchtechnical side From the game, which currently has six different graphics modes on PlayStation 5, some with raytracing and some not, but all set to 1080p, or so Ghostwire Tokyo behaved in our setup. Moreover, not even the best performance-rated option seems to guarantee a convincing and stable frame rate. In the end, after several minutes of jumping between one option and another, we opted for Raytracing mode with an unlocked tire, reducing motion blur but without resetting it, a mode that brought other problems to the surface. Don’t always expect, the graphics engine isn’t as nimble as that of ID’s and in any case, the Japanese tend to play very unresponsive first-person games, trying to emulate the heft that Western FPS has almost completely eliminated, or reduced to a minimum.

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One step away from death

Ghostwire Tokyo: He is the protagonist, but in fact there are two and one is inside
Ghostwire Tokyo: He is the protagonist, but in fact there are two and one is inside

The purpose of Ghostwire Tokyo is to restore order Shibuya Demolition of this mysterious demonic commander who opened the gates of the afterlife to the city. Our alter ego is a young victim of a car accident that happened right before all of this, possessed just before he took his last breath from the spirit of a kind of mid-21st century. It’s what keeps us alive, the abilities of the two are what will turn us into a kind of messianic metropolitan ninja, as fast as technology and as mysterious as death. Definitely original as an introduction, isn’t it?

Ghostwire Tokyo is a somewhat original horror set on a very classic open world. Technical issues matter to us up to a point where they can still be introduced or resolved prior to release, it will be more interesting to understand if what we haven’t seen yet will sufficiently deviate from what we’ve played so far, or if Tango is even plagued by the usual problem of all These titles scattered on rather gigantic maps. All that remains now is to see how the adventure will continue, and the desire to return to clear Tokyo is not lost.


  • Very interesting combat system
  • Shibuya is done very well
  • Side quests are like horror in short


  • Technically limp
  • Some battles are a bit static
  • Classic open world formula