“The encirclement of Gaza City has been completed.” Netanyahu is studying American requests for a humanitarian truce

“The encirclement of Gaza City has been completed.”  Netanyahu is studying American requests for a humanitarian truce

Netanyahu is studying American requests for a humanitarian truce

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is studying American requests for a humanitarian truce. Israeli media reported this, citing the Kan News channel in Hebrew. An Israeli official says a ceasefire for several hours is possible. This issue will be among the topics that will be the focus of US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken’s visit to Israel tomorrow.

The Wagner Group can provide an air defense system for Hezbollah

The Wagner Group can provide an air defense system for Hezbollah. The Wall Street Journal reported this, citing US intelligence sources who say the system is an SA-22.

Netanyahu: The operation is at its peak and we will not stop

He added: “We are at the peak of the campaign, and we have already achieved impressive successes. We have already passed the entrances to Gaza City and are moving forward.” This came during Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s talk with the soldiers. “We also have painful losses, but as one fighter told me, nothing will stop us. I appeal to people who are not participating to get out and go to the south, because we will not stop eliminating Hamas terrorists.”

Israel: We are inside Gaza City, and it is besieged

He added, “Our forces are present in the heart of the northern Gaza Strip, inside Gaza City, besieging it and deepening the operation.” This is what Chief of Staff Herzi Halevy said.

Media: 15 killed in a raid on the Bureij refugee camp in Gaza

An Israeli attack targeted a residential building in the Bureij refugee camp in central Gaza, killing at least 15 people. The Guardian newspaper reported this, citing a Civil Protection spokesman in the Strip. Residents reported that dozens of people were trapped under the rubble. The impact reportedly created a large crater and caused extensive damage to surrounding buildings. Speaking to Al Jazeera, one of the survivors likened what happened to an earthquake.

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Sirens sound in northern Israel

Sirens sound in northern Israel on the border with Lebanon. The army announces this.

Israel and Iranian militias alongside Hezbollah in southern Lebanon

An Iranian militia is helping Hezbollah fight Israel from southern Lebanon. Israeli military spokesman Avihai Adraee said that the “Imam Hussein” militia – which operated in Syria in recent years – “has participated in frictions with Israel in recent weeks and is participating in offensive activities inside the territories.” Israeli”.

NGO: The four Italians will return within 24 hours

The four Italians who left Gaza yesterday and are currently in a facility in Cairo provided by our embassy will arrive in Italy within the next 24 hours. This is what Sergio Cipolla, president of the Palermo-based NGO Ciss, says. “The return times have not been officially announced yet, but it made us understand that these are the times,” he explains. One of the humanitarian workers who left Gaza, Jacopo Intini, from Abruzzo, works at CISS, with his Palestinian wife Amala Khayan, who will arrive in Italy with her husband.

Tajani: “I hope that today two more Italians will be able to leave the Gaza Strip.”

“I hope that today two more Italians will be able to leave the Gaza Strip.” This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani on the Ping Bond program on Radio 1. The first four citizens who left yesterday are “in good spirits and in good health.” The President of Farnesina added: “They were taken overnight to Cairo, where the Italian Umberto I Hospital is located, and they will be returned to their homeland as soon as possible, when they want to.”

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Rafah Crossing: 600 ready to leave Gaza

About 600 people holding foreign passports or dual Palestinian citizenship will leave the Gaza Strip today for Egypt via the Rafah crossing, according to what the Palestinian Border Authority in Gaza announced. The lists include 400 people from the United States, Switzerland, Greece, the Netherlands, Belgium, Mexico, South Korea and other countries.

The number of Hamas hostages increased to 242

The number of Israeli hostages held by Hamas and other Palestinian factions rose to 242. This was announced by Israeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari.

“An Israeli was killed in an attack” in the West Bank

An Israeli was killed today in the West Bank when his car ran off the road and overturned. Earlier, according to testimonies broadcast on military radio, gunshots were fired at him as he passed through the Palestinian village of Beit Lid in the northern West Bank. “It is likely to be an attack,” the radio said.

The Rafah crossing between Gaza and Egypt is also open today

The Rafah crossing between Gaza and Egypt is also open today. Local sources reported this to ANSA, adding that the opening works to encourage the exit of more foreigners, people with dual citizenship, and the wounded, which began yesterday.

Israel: killed dozens of terrorists overnight

The Israeli army continues to “strike terrorists and destroy terrorist infrastructure” in the Strip. The military spokesman announced that the army clashed overnight with several terrorist cells in the northern Gaza Strip, killing dozens of terrorists. The soldiers confronted Hamas militias “with the help of artillery and tank fire while leading a helicopter air strike and a ship-launched missile.”

United Nations: The raid on Jabalia may constitute a war crime

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights said that the Israeli bombing of the Jabalia Palestinian refugee camp in the Gaza Strip could constitute a war crime. “Given the large number of civilian casualties and scale of destruction that followed Israeli air strikes on Jabalia refugee camp, we have serious concerns that these are disproportionate attacks that could amount to war crimes,” the UN agency wrote in a message on the X website.

Biden: A necessary pause to release prisoners

“I think we need a break. “A pause means giving time to let the prisoners out”: Joe Biden said this at a campaign event in Minnesota, after an audience member shouted “As a rabbi, I want you to call a ceasefire now.” This was mentioned by the team of journalists accompanying him, without specifying whether the president was referring to the hostages or to the detainees in the Gaza Strip.

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